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About Me

Once upon a time in a faraway place called the Land of Promise there lived a young Princess. That Princess dreamed of becoming a lawyer someday and meet a handsome Prince Charming who is also a lawyer, who looks like Legolas and own lots of books. They would get married and travel the world and when they get weary they will retire on a chateau in France. She is still undecided whether they will have kids because childbirth seems painful.

Fast forward to present. After kissing many Princes who turned into frogs and rescuing Knights in distress, the little princess turned into a cynical Witch. She lost her belief in dreams and magic. She almost gave up on love until she met an Ogre. The Ogre made her laugh and made her feel like a princess. He loves her unconditionally and she reciprocated this love. Their love for each other turned them back into their old selves, a Prince and a Princess.  They eventually got married and gave birth to a Princeling who now rules the household. They now live happily ever after not on a castle but on a run-of-the-mill subdivision house. This blog chronicles their happy beginnings as a family.


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