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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Ever since we got a Fuji Instax Mini 8 as a gift I developed a love for Instax.We really love it! It is great for capturing wonderful moments of our family and we get to have an instant print for display in our wall or store in our album. Now I am crushing on the newly released Fuji Instax Mini 70 which has lots of cool features.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Holiday Launch 2015

Last November 7, 2015 we were invited to the launch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at their branch at SM Lanang. It is their first time to have a Holiday launch at Davao and it was truly an enriching experience. 

They launched the 2015 Giving Journal (you may check how to get it here) and we also had a Watercolor Lettering Session with April San Pedro, the crafter behind I Am Artisan blog.

I was very much interested to learn because I have such bad hand writing and I wanted to turn it into an art. Lettering and Calligraphy is becoming a popular hobby nowadays because it makes great decoration and gifts.

April taught us to practice the drills first which I think I did pretty well based on my seriousness to learn haha
Then we learned about the cursive and print fonts and the most important lesson of all is to "give your work some personality based on your own style". Then we were given a card where we should write using watercolor lettering our power word for 2016. In addition we cam embellish our cards with Fujifilm Instax Photo Prints which I think gives it more personal flavor.

I will not show my actual work because it is so blah. I forgot that you cannot erase watercolor and my letters were so cramped. My power word is "Australia '16" because I plan to visit it next year.

After the session we had some raffles and they all gave us the Giving Journal and I got to choose my favorite color Purple! I am so happy and excited to use the journal and plan to fill it with not just with words but with Fujifilm Instax Prints to capture those memorable moments that I'm gonna have next year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Magic of Christmas

Even now that I am a mother with two kids I still feel like a kid myself during Christmas. Every time I hear Christmas songs I feel instantly transported to my younger years where I wake up with much excitement during Christmas morning to see what Santa has left for me. I would wake up early and hurry to the Christmas tree where I hung my sock. I would not immediately peek inside but I try to feel first with my tiny hands and try to guess the item inside the sock. It is usually apples or chocolates and I would feel very happy with that. There was a time I remember that the sock was empty and I felt really disappointed but my mother told me that the gift wouldn't fit inside the sock so Santa placed it underneath the tree. I squealed with glee to find a toy robot underneath the tree. Yes I wanted a toy robot then. I actually wanted Optimus Prime because the boy next door had one and I was really envious.The Transformer robot must have been pretty expensive back then because all I got was a small R2D2 of Star Wars but boy I do love that robot because it moves and lights up!

My parents and brothers all colluded to make me believe in Santa Claus. I only discovered the hard truth when I was in Grade 5 where I learned from my classmate who the real Santa Claus is. My world shattered then but because I still got presents from my parents I moved on.

Now as a parent, I also want my children to experience the magic of Christmas. My husband and I started the tradition of putting socks for them but we explained to Kulay that Santa Claus used us to give him and Lili presents. 

Apart from the magic of Santa Claus, I want them to experience a real kind of magic...the magic of putting a smile on other kids face. The magic of loving and sharing. I asked Kulay to sort his toys so we would donate those he doesn't want to play with anymore. 
Some of the stuffed toys we Donated to Naprey's The Gift Giving Project which we left at My Skin drop box
I hope through this we would instill in him positive values that would allow him to see the good and something magical in this world.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

McHappy Day Stripes Run 2015

I never joined a fun run. I don't think that the idea of running a few kilometers under the heat of the sun is fun. However, when I've heard of McHappy Day Stripes Run I got interested to join because of the iconic striped socks  there is a category for a Family run meaning I could drag along Mike and the kids. Also this fun run is for a cause, it would help more Filipino kids learn how to read. Through the Stripes Run in Davao and Manila, McDonald's aims to raise 2 Million Pesos to share the gift of reading to more kids nationwide. McDonald's has touched lives of 11.5 million students among 7,500 partner schools.

Last November 28 at People's Park, more than 2000 Dabawenyo runners joined the first ever McHappy Day Stripes Run in Davao.  It was hosted by Jackie Lou Blanco and Mikee Aportadera.

The mood was very festive when we got there with all various activity booths like Birdie the Tower, Ronald Recall, Photobooth and Face Painting. It certainly looks like a big birthday party than a fun run and my kids totally loved it!

The kids were busy playing but still had lots of energy for the race. We joined the McDonald's Family Dash 3K which we finished in almost an hour, Hurray! We really had fun and look forward to McHappy Stripes Run in the future. Each of us brought home cool shirts, iconic striped socks, loot bags and of course wonderful memories while helping the kids in need.

Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

December is my most awaited time of the year not only because it is my son and I's birth month but because of Christmas. I really feel giddy with anticipation when the calendar hits the ber months and the weather starts to get cold. Christmas for me is a celebration of love because we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ who showed us the true meaning of love.

It is the time for sharing our blessings to our loved ones and especially to those who need it the most like victims of calamities, abandoned elders, street children and etc. Christmas is a perfect opportunity to show acts of kindness and compassion.

It is also the time for Christmas parties, family gatherings and reunions. There are lots of people at the mall buying gifts. Traffic becomes heavy because there are lots of places we want to visit.There are lots of things to do that makes everyone excited about Christmas.However this excitement also comes with stress thus one must not get too caught up with the Christmas cheers and forget to take care of themselves. I would like to share these five tips in boosting your energy this Holidays because nobody wants to get sick this season right?

1. Feel happy and be happy in the happiest season of the year!  
Being happy is great on its own but there are also health benefits attributed to it. There are lots of scientific studies attributing health decline because of negative emotions thus steer away from negativity and adopt a positive outlook in life. Do the things that makes you happy like spending quality time with your family and friends and Christmas is the perfect time to bond with them.

2. Exercise daily.

Despite the hectic schedules with Christmas parties, shopping for gifts and practicing for choirs and other activities, we must not forget our daily routines for fitness. We can squeeze in a bit of exercise in our Christmas activities like brisk walking when attending Simbang Gabi or caroling around the neighborhood. You can also walk around the poorest part of the city and distribute toys or gifts to the young and old.  


Christmas parties might end up a little late at night and sometimes even at wee hours of the morning.It is important though that you don't forget to rest. You have to say no sometimes to after party events that could deprive you of sleep. It is still very essential to maintain at least eight hours of sleep to let your body rest and recover your you can attend another party the following day!

4. No to excessive intake of unhealthy food.

This is perhaps the hardest thing to do this Christmas as we are tempted to devour all the delicious food served in various parties. Hello there lechon, spaghetti, patatim and overflowing desserts! That is why I said "excessive" because we don't need to deprive ourselves but we just need to be mindful of our food intakes. It is important to eat a balanced diet by eating the right amount of calories that your body needs and eat a wide range of nutritious food which includes fish, fruits and vegetables.

5.Consume your daily dose of Vitamin C!

Vitamin C , according to experts is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. We can get it from fruits and vegetable but to ensure one meets the daily supplemental need we often take supplements. A good and accessible source of vitamin C is Fern-C

Fern-C is an immune-system booster  because it provides protection against immune system deficiencies. I personally take Fern-C and every time I feel that I am coming down with colds or flu I take 3 to 4 capsules with lots of water and rest. It really works for me and I feel instantly better. For daily use I take one to two capsules.

Fern-C is a potent anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants are beneficial to the body.It blocks some of the damage caused by free radicals which are substances that damage DNA. The build up of free radicals over time may contribute to the aging process and the development of health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. 

Fern-C contains Sodium Ascorbate. It is composed of Sodium and Vitamin C. Sodium acts as a buffer that creates a less acidic supplement than that of Ascorbic acid.It is bioavailable and “alkaline” which does not cause stomach upsets unlike Ascorbic acid. You can take it on an empty stomach and not feel any acidity.

You can check and follow the below-social Media Accounts or more information on Fern-C.

So don't forget to enjoy the holidays and the 5 tips I shared which is as easy to remember as the initials FERN-C !

Happy Holidays Everyone! :-)

Note: All photos are taken by my husband and used with permission except for the Fern-C photo grabbed from
For daily maintenance, take 1-2 capsules


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