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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Everyone wants their love story to have a happy ending. Well, I don't! Simply because I don't want my love story to end :) That's why I titled this blog " My Happy Beginnings" instead of "My Happy Endings" and besides every ending is a new beginning and vice versa so endings always comes from a I'm making things complicated when all i wanted to say is that I title this blog "My Happy Beginnings". Period.
I created this new blog because I believe that I am welcoming a new chapter in my life. Blow and I have decided to tie the knot that have loosely binded us together through the years. We are ready to throw cautions to the wind and finally succumb to the call of marriage. I know this is not gonna be easy and we are still unsure of what to expect but the most important thing right now is that we have faith in US and we want to build our own future together...come what may. So bring it on!

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