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Monday, March 26, 2012

75th Araw ng Dabaw Blog Contest Winner

I usually don't participate in contests because I always thought that my talents or skills are not good enough to compete. I hate losing and have this imaginary L on my forehead. However, when I learned that there will be a blog competition for the 75th Araw ng Dabaw and the theme is Davao Life is Here, I decided to join. I said to myself that I have no reason not to join because I love blogging and I love Davao and usually my blog topic is about Davao anyway, contest or no contest. So I wrote and came up with the entry My Davao City. And last Monday, Mar 19 I was announced as the 3rd place winner. I was deliriously happy that I skipped work! I went to the Davao City Hall and attended the awards ceremony where Mayor Sarah Duterte handed out the award. 
Fellow Winners Leah,Karla and Me With Mayor Sarah, Photo Courtesy of Rudolph Alama

I received a plaque and cash. How cool is that! This is my first plaque ever that it is proudly displayed in our living room for all to see.
Now I'm inspired to join more contest because I realized that I don't have to be concerned  with winning or losing because doing something that you're passionate about and the joy of doing it is enough reward.


  1. wow, kamong duha ni Karla nakadaog? Congrats! Unsa iyang place?

  2. @Julienne: Salamat! Consolation si Karla :)

  3. Wow, naka-stand na imo plaque bah. Ako, mangita pa ug stand. Hehe. Congrats again, Raine! ;)

  4. @Rovie: Thanks!:)
    @leah: Salamat! Supportive kaayo akong amahan...gitanggalan jud niya ug stand ang decoration sa balay ug gibalhin jud sa akong plaque LOLS



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