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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Basic Make Up Workshop

I am not vain about my appearance. In fact I don't give it much thought. What is important to me is basic grooming,looking neat and smelling nice. I do love fashion and accessorizing but I never meddled with make up. Now that I am thirty-ish and a mother I noticed that I became too complacent with my appearance that I fear that I am going to the dark side (read: losyang). Maybe it's fear of looking old and being losyang that I decided to learn more about make up, skin care and beauty what-nots to enhance what God gave me and look best for my husband, my son and most especially for me.
So last Saturday at Yellow Hauz, I joined the Basic Make Up Workshop for Bloggers by Ryan Wong and Noeh Jani who both happen to be my HS batchmates. 
I totally forgot about being self conscious because we had a fun and quirky learning session. We were like girls having a sleepover party! ;)

Here are the things I learned from the workshop:

1.Know your face shape and skin type. 
2.Be equipped with brushes and learn the different functions of each brush.
3. Always clean your hands before touching your face.
4.Clean, tone and moisturize your face before applying make up. 
5. Afterwards make sure you remove make up well.
6. Find the right color that works for you. It may be just one color or a combination of two. As Ryan said " Finding the right make up is like finding a have to find your perfect match. You have to try and experiment to find what works for you"
7. Choose a blush color that will make your cheek look flushed as if you just had an org*sm exercise.
8. Applying make up is not about looking like a doll with pink cheeks, pink eyeshadow and pink lips. It is about looking like yourself...a better version that is. Perfect make up is like wearing no make up at all.
9. I am insecure about my brows because they are thin and sparse but Noeh assured us that the "One liner brow is not IN anymore" what's IN is your natural brow shape that is trimmed, not too thick and not too thin and just the right proportion with your face.
10. Educate yourself through workshops and online blogs/tutorials. Do not be afraid to experiment with make up. Be fearless! Be Fab!

So here's the output. Please bear with me as this is my first make up attempt.
The "After Part 2" photo is with my brows done by Noeh

The fabulous ladies with our equally fabulous instructors.

If you're interested to join a similar workshop, they are planning a Make Up Workshop Part 2 on December 1,2012. You may check their FB Pages for updates of the workshop and contact them for Professional Make Up Services esp. for weddings, debuts, photoshoots  and others. 

Noeh Jani
FB Page: Noeh's Ark
Twitter: @Noehs_Ark
Contact No.: +639267106956

Ryan Wong

FB Page: Makeup by Ryan WongTwitter: @RyanWong_MUA
Contact No.:+639232260518 
E-mail: ,

Note: Photo Credits to Kerslyn except for the "After Part 2" which is done by my Official Photographer


  1. OHMAHGEEEE! As in O******M jud.hahahaha.

    I really had a great time and learned a lot from the experience.

    1. na-shock ka noh kay naka post dayon ko? LOLs challenge accepted gud!

  2. Makagwapa jud ug skin ang right shade of foundation noh? You have a very lovely tan ate Raine, and your brows, love it! Heheh

    1. matago jud ang imperfections. Thanks Julz! :)



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