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Sunday, December 9, 2012

My First Handmade Postcard Swap

When I read from April's blog that she is hosting a postcard swap, I instantly joined. Here's how it works. April will assign us two swap partners and you have to send each a handmade postcard that you made with similar or different design. They will also send you one back.
I love doing things handmade and I missed sending letters or postcards. I also love getting one and would always feel giddy and excited every time the postman delivers me letters or cards (not bills puh-leez!). I was a bit pressured when I was doing my postcard as I felt I lack very much in experience, materials and equipment. I felt so elementary with my output.  I gave it my best shot though and really hope it puts a smile on my swap partners' faces :) Before I post what I did, I will first show the cards I got.

I got Joanne's card on my son's birthday (Dec.3). My husband received it and forgot to tell me about it. I got to open it during the day Typhoon Pablo hit typhoon and it brightened my somewhat gloomy day. Thank you Joanne of ! Such a happy and sweet card!

Then last Thursday (Dec.6) I received the second card from Kathleen of . I was home at that time but was not able to reach the postman in time. He actually folded the card and inserted it in our gate. Ouch! Good thing it didn't ruin the card and left creases. Thank you Kathleen for such an inspiring and for lack of a better word..."durable" card! It stood the test the Philippine Postal Services LOLs

This exercise made me want to spend time for my passion on crafts so I can make better and decent cards next time. Thank you April for initiating this swap, I really enjoyed it! 

P.S. I can't actually find the pictures of the card I made. I will update this post once I find it and when my cards actually reach the recepients.


  1. Thanks for letting us know our postcards arrived . . . love reading your blog too. I also like receiving letters in the mail albeit postcards from friends and fellow crafters.

    I hope everyone is doing fine after the typhoon.

    Hugs & regards to you and family,

    1. Kath thanks so much for dropping by. Nice to have met you thru the swap. We are fine here in Davao city but the neighboring towns are not so lucky :(

  2. I like this. I wish I can also join your Handmade postcard swap..

  3. Envy naman ako. Great idea to exchange hand-made postcard. Pwede ba ako mag-join. :)

  4. Wow, those two handmade post cards are amazing! I am into handmade card-making but have temporarily lost my creative juice since April. So, looking at those wonderfully crafted paper cards make me want to go back into card-making. Love the color combination of the first one. I also love the 2nd card's vintage-like design.

  5. Both cards are really wonderful. I love the idea of meeting new people through post card swap kaya lang wala talaga akong ka talent-talent sa art! :(

    I'm looking forward to see the post cards you made Flo :) Kakainggit ang mga talent ninyo :)

  6. That's too cool! I am a Postcrosser legitimately swapping postcards from around the world thus the blog but it's not anything handmade. I'd love to receive a creative postcard like that. Can I be one of the recipients? ;-) I can send a couple of SG and Malaysia cards if that's alright :-)

  7. oh, you all are very creative, i am not sure how i would make my handmade post card :) i am not sure if i will make a collage of pictures (not electronically) would be considered handmade :)

  8. One need to have an innate talent of this kind to make such awesome craft. That too is a great hobby but only for the gifted one's ..he he! i wish i had the talent in art for sure i would make one like that too :)

  9. That is interesting. I have never join like that kind of activity but it seems you could make good friends out there.

  10. wow! postcard swap, what a brilliant idea. hope there will be one next year and i'll be able to join. sounds fun and it's great to "meet" new friends in the blogosphere. :)

  11. You are so creative! Simple design yet elegant!

  12. I always wish to be creative and so I can create stuffs like this. You are so lucky to have that kind of talent. It is simple but elegant.

  13. Ganda naman ng mga handmade post cards na yan. I can join this in the future.

  14. Love your cards, your creativity! I have passion for DIY and Crafts as well :) Like you, I love handmade stuff! :) I still do crafts here whenever I have free time.. It's one of my favorite pastime..

  15. this is cool love those postcards... imma tell my wife she might find this more interesting.

    cheers for sharing! :)



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