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Friday, May 10, 2013

Kulay's POV: Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2013 !

Hi I am Kulay and I am 2 years and 5 months old. I am not a blogger but Mom and Dad made me attend the Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2013.  They were really excited about it and I don’t know why. They just told me that we will be going to SM Lanang Premier and that there will be donuts and games. Well I got excited too because SM Lanang Premier means waterworks show and I love watching the lights and water dance and ran around the fountain court.

When we got there, I saw lots of familiar faces from previous blogger events. You see, Mom and Dad let me tag along every now then when Lola and Lolo can’t babysit me. Mom and Dad got busy chatting with old friends and meeting the faces behind the blogs. I was busy kissing some pretty ladies.

I was happy to spot my friend Miel, I attended her first birthday last March. Mom knew her Mommy Miah through blogging. Mom said that the greatest thing about blogging is you meet a lot of people and  you develop real friendships on and offline.
I also saw Dear Daniel (Hello Kitty's friend) at the atrium I thought he was a blogger too!
Miel wasn't in the mood to have our photos taken but Dear Daniel is so game

Just a few minutes after we arrived two pretty ladies offered us Krispy Kreme donuts and beverages. Mom and Dad ate two donuts each! Sssh! 

The program started with a prayer and speeches from sponsors and officers. They had an induction of a new officer Tita Algene as Content Manager. Mom and Dad got called up front too for induction of new official members. They made me raise my right hand too during the oath taking. Does it mean that I am now officially a member of Davao Bloggers Society?

They also had games, I was a bit disappointed it didn't involved cars or balls. It was guessing owners of blogs, name that logo, store and etc. Mom g hyper during the game! She got so excited to write her answers that her handwriting was impossible to read…it looked like my doodles on our wall.

Yep that lady with the wide grin is my mom.
Mmmm what else happened there.. They called up every blogger to introduce themselves and their blog. Mom was brave enough to go up front but Dad suddenly stood up and told me we will be going to the Rest Room. Dad and I were gone for a while just strolling around the mall. When we came back the party was almost over. The people were busy trying to form themselves so they can fit in the frame. I was in the group picture of course.
Can you spot me?

Here's a close up photo of me! 
Mom was feeling nostalgic and showed me an old photo of the first Blogger get together she attended last Feb.7, 2007, six years ago.  I wasn't born that time yet, she haven't even met Dad!
From L-R Dom,Chris,Jun,Andrew,Ria,ME, Doc. Blogie took this photo
There were only eight of them then and mom realized at that time the importance of being in a group with like minded individuals. Fast forward to present,she is really proud to be officially part of the Davao Bloggers Society and of what the group has achieved through the years. Davao Bloggers are more recognized and respected now.Bloggers now play an important role in the Social Media thus with this comes responsibility to be persons of integrity. Whew!  

Mom said that the success of the party was because of Tita Dulce and the rest of the hardworking DB Officers. Kudos to them! She also said that we have to be thankful of the ff. sponsors who made the event possible:

Yellow Hauz

I had fun at the Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2013 and if blogging is as awesome as this party then I want to be a blogger when I’m old enough! You know that I am not actually writing this right? Mom is and she’s just trying to channel my thoughts.


Blogger In The Making

Photo Credits to My Husband , Lovely and Ace/Cris Nierva.


  1. You're the best Kulay! Indeed, a blogger in the making Mama!

    1. Hi again Kulay! Tita rovs is here for another round of support for you and Mom.
      See you in the coming events little boy. Mwah!

  2. Ate raine, binasa ko tong post mo kanina when you submitted it sa DB thread and I said, babalik ako to comment! LOL Grabe, ang tagal mo na pala sa DB. :) I'm so happy na successful ang acquaintance party for this year!

    1. dugay nako ga blog but mostly for my own consumption lang hehehe congrats sa inyo!

  3. I wish I could attend blogger even such as that one.

  4. This is a wonderful event to meet some of the bloggers from your place :-) I met some bloggers too while I was in the Philippines last year :-) It feels great to meet them in person :-) Look like a memorable event and your son is so cute :-)

    1. yes i'm really happy to belong in such group. Thanks! :-)

  5. Hey you Kulay, ang galing mo, attending a Bloggers' Night at that. So sure, apple of the eyes ka to those who attended the event.

  6. Ang mo Kulay! Mabuti ka pa namimeet mo silang lahat. Grabeh andaming bloggers ng Davao. Cheers!

  7. Blogging seems to be a huge world.However, thanks to events bloggers get to meet and form friendships along the way.

  8. Nice one Mommy Floraine, the party from Kulay's point of view :)

    1. Thanks mommy future employer hehehe

  9. hello Kulay! wow blogger in the making...will be waiting for you in blogosphere...congrats sa blogging event!

  10. nice to meet you Kulay, I will be happy to be there too and enjoyed everything you've said. love to have that glazed donuts, too, yummy...:) and one last thing, you're so cute...and i spotted you in the group picture, your in front...good girl!

  11. Hi Kulay! It's great you are enjoying attending bloggers' events. And oh boy! I can't imagine how Miah's daughter has grown up so big. I've met her in person for the 2nd Mindanao Blogger's Summit in 2008. Back then, she was still unmarried :-) Now she is a busy Mommy and a blogger at the same time. So cool!



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