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Friday, October 11, 2013


At the end of work I was waiting for my sundo outside of the office. I noticed a guy standing outside looking at his watch every few minutes and straightening his shirt. He is obviously waiting for someone, his girlfriend most probably. A few minutes later a girl approached him and one could see how they both lit up when they saw each other. Then they held hands and walked away. I felt a momentary kilig looking at them. I vaguely recalled the time when my ex boyfriend now husband would also wait for me outside of the office. My reminiscing was disturbed when I heard the loud sound of our Volkswagen and glanced up to see my husband and my son at the wheel waving at me. No I did not feel any kilig when I saw them. Kilig is a momentary or a fleeting emotion. Instead I feel loved , kilig that has blossomed into something more tangible and permanent. :-)

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