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Monday, November 4, 2013

A Dreaded Phone Call

Every time that my husband is away on a trip I would require him to text or call me every now and then so I would know where and how he is. If a few hours passes by and he has no feedback (except when I know there is no signal) I would worry and find ways to contact him. Last Monday he and his fellow photographer were on a trip to General Santos City for a Prenup Photoshoot. He religiously updated me of his status and then a few minutes after his last text, I received a call from him around 1:30 PM. I was surprised when it was his fellow photographer who spoke to me, he told me that they are at the hospital in Gen. San. because they had a car accident and my husband can't move and speak as of the moment.

The first thought that came to mind is a picture of my husband with bruises and blood all over. I was terrified of what might have happened to him but I tried to be clear headed. I immediately began thinking how I could get to him so I called my brother in law who have a car and asked if he could accompany me to Gen.San which is around 116 kms or 2-3 hours travel. I know riding the bus would take a long time and might not be comfortable since I am already 4 months pregnant. Luckily he agreed. Also my parents are at the house at that moment so I asked them to stay the night and watch over our son Kulay. So at around 4:00 PM, me, my brother in law and his girlfriend were on our way to Gen. San. We arrived there at around 6:00PM and rushed to the hospital (Gen. San. Doctors). I was really glad to see that my husband was conscious and have no bruises on his body but he was wearing a sling on his left arm and can't stand up yet. I learned that their car (Nissan Strada) skid because of slippery and uneven road and hit the road barrier and flipped a couple of times and landed on the banana trees. My husband sustained a slight fracture on his left arm and compression on his spine. Thankfully he has no head or internal injuries. His other companion were also okay and the bride-to-be got the most injury as her bone on her right arm broke/got fractured.
We stayed for the night and asked for the doctor to be discharged the following day. Mike was able to stand up albeit he was in pain. We left Gen.San at around 7:00 PM and it was a slow journey as it was raining and we had to stop several times along the way as Mike would complain about his back pains. Thankfully we got home at around 11:00 PM and Kulay was still awake as he waited for us. 
I am really sad that this happened to my husband but really glad that he survived the accident with no permanent injuries. It will take a few months before he will be back to his normal self but day by day his condition is improving. Thank you Lord for keeping my husband safe and our family in tact.

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