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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Cloth Diapering Journey

Before our first son was born my husband and I agreed to make him wear lampin. We thought that disposable diapers are costly, wasteful and could cause diaper rash. So when Kulay was born last 2010 we made him wear good old lampin with pins for three months using only disposables at night and when going out. 
Our First Born in Lampin
We eventually succumbed to using 100% disposable diapers because we got tired of doing the laundry , we have no helper. It was not just the lampins but also the bed sheets, blankets and etc  because of pee or poop leaks. I was aware then about modern lampins or cloth diaper but I found it too expensive (around P500 and up) since most of available brands are US made.
With our second child, Liwanag, I did more research on cloth diapers and found the Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays Group in Facebook. The group was really informative and all I learned all about the modern lampin from that page. A friend who was also pregnant found online stores which sell China made nappies like Alva so we ordered together to avail of the wholesale price and save on shipping fee , I bought 5 pieces initially. I chose Alva 3.0 pocket cloth diapers because it is cheap and it would fit newborn babies up to 2 and a half year old kids.
I got the actual diapers when I was still 7 months pregnant and it was love at first sight. The designs are so cute and it feels so soft to touch.  I can’t help but order again, so I bought 5 more CDs.
When my daughter was finally born last March, I waited for 4 weeks before I made her wear the CDs, making sure that the meconium (that black sticky stuff) on her poop was gone. I thought the diaper was too big for her but then I later realized that I didn’t adjust the snaps properly.
my second child wearing her first CD at 27 days old
 We survived exclusively cloth diapering her with the 10 diapers but it was too tiring to do the laundry each day. I handwash the cds myself at night before going to sleep so I decided to buy additional Cds.
Whenever I am online I stalked the MCNP group and made sure to check the for sale/trade album. I eventually bought more second hand pocket diapers, brought covers and tried other pocket diaper brands until I found out what worked for us.
Now my daughter is almost 6 months, medium wetter and we have 25 CDs in rotation which is mostly composed of Sunbaby Size 2 pocket diapers. She uses around 6 to 8 CDs per day so we need to do the laundry every other day not to run out of CDs.
Loving our Sunbaby CDs
 I never regretted choosing cloth diapers and am always encouraging other mommies to try it out. It really has lots of benefits,will post more about it next time.

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