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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Magic of Christmas

Even now that I am a mother with two kids I still feel like a kid myself during Christmas. Every time I hear Christmas songs I feel instantly transported to my younger years where I wake up with much excitement during Christmas morning to see what Santa has left for me. I would wake up early and hurry to the Christmas tree where I hung my sock. I would not immediately peek inside but I try to feel first with my tiny hands and try to guess the item inside the sock. It is usually apples or chocolates and I would feel very happy with that. There was a time I remember that the sock was empty and I felt really disappointed but my mother told me that the gift wouldn't fit inside the sock so Santa placed it underneath the tree. I squealed with glee to find a toy robot underneath the tree. Yes I wanted a toy robot then. I actually wanted Optimus Prime because the boy next door had one and I was really envious.The Transformer robot must have been pretty expensive back then because all I got was a small R2D2 of Star Wars but boy I do love that robot because it moves and lights up!

My parents and brothers all colluded to make me believe in Santa Claus. I only discovered the hard truth when I was in Grade 5 where I learned from my classmate who the real Santa Claus is. My world shattered then but because I still got presents from my parents I moved on.

Now as a parent, I also want my children to experience the magic of Christmas. My husband and I started the tradition of putting socks for them but we explained to Kulay that Santa Claus used us to give him and Lili presents. 

Apart from the magic of Santa Claus, I want them to experience a real kind of magic...the magic of putting a smile on other kids face. The magic of loving and sharing. I asked Kulay to sort his toys so we would donate those he doesn't want to play with anymore. 
Some of the stuffed toys we Donated to Naprey's The Gift Giving Project which we left at My Skin drop box
I hope through this we would instill in him positive values that would allow him to see the good and something magical in this world.


  1. Such a great way to teach your little one the importance of life on earth.

  2. It's the season of giving after all. And what better way to teach your kids how to give back than donating old toys they won't play with again.

  3. Christmas is the perfect time for sharing and giving, and teaching your kid to reach out to others will truly make each Christmas meaningful for him.



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