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Friday, April 15, 2016

How To Wash Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapering seems like rocket science and leave many first time users confused from choosing the type of diaper to use and then to washing it. I use pocket type diapers and I would like to share how I wash them.

1.Used diapers should be washed after 1 to 3 days of use.I place the used diapers in a dry open pail.

2.On the day of washing, remove the inserts from the pocket.

3.For diapers soiled with poop, remove the poop first by spraying before mixing it with the other diapers.

4.Place the used inserts and pockets in cold water. Do not put detergent. Wash it first in water through hand or machine.

5.Drain water and then fill it up again and this time you can add in the detergent. It is advisable to use all-natural and enzyme free detergent such as Human Nature's Tough Love and Calla. I prefer the latter since it is cheaper and available in supermarkets.Also, use only a little amount of detergent, half the amount of what you normally use.

6.Wash in normal cycle.

7.Rinse and rinse until all the suds and bubbles disappear. I normally wash it twice or thrice. 

8.Hang to dry. You can use hangers with clips for the inserts. For the pockets you can use hangers or place directly in the clothesline. Just make sure that you hang it parallel to protect the garters from loosening.

9.Let Mr. Sun do all the work. He can make those stains and smell disappear! :-)

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