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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Belly Mama Week 23

I am now 23 weeks or 6 months pregnant. I am now at my second trimester and I'm quite getting the hang of being pregnant. The morning sickness has completely gone...thank God! I used to vomit during meals esp after lunch and whenever I enter the Comfort Room (I don't seem to like the smell). I also get nauseous when I smell perfume or air freshener and vomit when I brush my teeth and drink milk or any form of dairy such as cheese, yogurt, ice cream and etc.  but luckily these episodes started to disappear by my 4th month. I used to get tired easily too but now I feel that I'm back to my old self. The only pregnant symptoms that haven't disappeared apart from my growing belly is being constantly hungry :( It seems that every food that goes into my mouth instantly disappears. But good thing coz I'm not growing fat...the baby is...he has quite an appetite :) I really can't wait for the baby to come out so I can finally see what he looks like (if he looks like me or his dad) and stare at his eyes and touch and feel him. In the meantime I'm making him listen to classical music and try to talk to him as if he's there and read him books.


  1. hoi. kumusta ka na man? dalia sa panahon noh? sa una namaligya lang ta ug coco peat karon hapit ka na ma mama. ehehehehe...
    God Bless flo, ug sa imo husband ug coming baby.
    mabuhay ang pilipinas

  2. @leo:hahaha makatawa man pud ta anang cocopeat uy. pas2x jud kaayo ang panahon. basig sunod nako balita kay duha na pud imong anak hehehe Salamat and Godbless pud ;)



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