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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kuya Edwin

Last September 24,2010 evening my father informed me that My brother Edwin who was currently working in Sumitomo Mining in Surigao was admitted at the hospital because he can’t get up. He then told me that Ate Gina, Kuya’s wife and my mother will be traveling to Surigao to check my brother’s condition. I wasn’t alarmed then of my brother’s condition as I’ve always known him to be physically strong with his almost 6 ft height and huge frame. I just thought he was suffering from arthritis that’s why he can’t get up. I was more alarmed by my mother’s safety while traveling since she’s 65 yrs old and Surigao is 10 hours away from Davao. Later at night I was informed that my brother had to go through a dialysis since his kidneys are shutting down and that he was suffering from Lowblood sugar (hypoglycemia). I kept on thinking that he should be brought back to Davao so he can receive better medical care and we can visit him.

Then the following morning, September 25 while I was attending a mother’s class at Davao Doctor’s Hospital my father texted me that Ate Gina and Mama already arrived at the hospital and that my brother’s condition is very serious and in fact “ginatabang na siya” and if he won’t recover after 20 minutes then the medical team can’t help him anymore. I was alarmed then and started to cry while praying that my brother can still recover. I was afraid to check my cellphone because of the news that might await me but then just before 10:00am my father texted me “Pahulay na si Kuya nimo”. The initial feeling was disbelief and denial that I refused to accept the reality and give in to tears.

Things that happened between then until now seems unreal. Hours seems to run so slow and days so fast. Mama and Ate Gina arrived last Sunday and Kuya Edwin’s body arrived Tuesday morning. His wake was at St. Peter’s Chapel in Panacan where we mourned him for 4 days and nights. He was buried yesterday at Buhangin Memorial.

The only thing that got us through this tragedy was the nonstop support from relatives, friends and colleagues who came from different parts of Davao and Southern Mindanao.We are all eternally grateful to each and everyone of them.

I hope and pray that my family will get over this and move on because we have no choice but to face and deal with this sad reality that somebody special and loved one is gone forever from our lives. Kuya Edwin who passed away at such a young age…44, such an untimely death will always be in our hearts and will leave a gaping hole in our lives that nobody can replace.

To my Kuya Edwin… a generous and loving soul …protective brother, a responsible son, hardworking husband and father …you will always be missed... remembered and loved...Farewell.

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