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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Belly Mama Week 33

I am now on my 33rd Week or 8th month of pregnancy. I'm getting huge! I already weigh 133 lbs with a waistline of 40 inches. My feet are beginning to swell. I am peeing non-stop! I wake up 3 times every night just to pee. My prenatal check up now will be every 2 weeks and my OB changed my vitamins to Iberet.
I had my latest ultrasound at Week 30 and the baby already weighs 2.14 lbs and the gender is confirmed 100% boy, now I can also go 100% on my shopping :) Weeeh! Speaking of shopping I think I'm going crazy and getting quite obsessed. I have a list of baby essentials and I keep on changing it every day. I'm trying to limit my shopping and wait for donations or gifts during the baby shower. I don't want to have excess items that I won't be using. But the self control doesn't stop me from window shopping online. I almost spend all my office hours browsing ebay, multiply and reading forums on what are the best items/brands and methods for the baby. I have come up with the ff:

1.We plan to breastfeed until i'll run out of milk :)
2.Feeding Bottles- Avent because it is BPA Free and the nipples are designed to feel like the real ones
3.Breast Pump-Medela Ameda Manual...the explanation was quite long :)
4.Electronic Sterilizer- Farlin because it's cheap and can accommodate all types/shapes of bottle
5.Crib-Wood instead of plastic because it's cheaper and more durable
6. Diapers- Cloth diapers (lampin or pocket diapers) instead of disposable. Wish us luck with the laundry!
7.Soap- Cetaphil or Oilatum


  1. 8. A new reliable huge washing machine!! ;)

  2. @Roselle: mag-handwash lang Michael LOLS



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