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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The New Coffee Dream

     Last July 2, Michael and I and 10 other bloggers had a dreamy experience at Coffee Dream, SM branch. Dreamy because we had a chance to try out their ethereal coffee that caressed my senses yummy products. A note to self, please improve your food blogging skills and enrich your food adjectives. We were introduced to the re-packaged coffee dream with their new branding and logo because they wanted to attract more youthful patronage.

       At first glance the logo looks to me like a cloud with a coffee colored moon. I thought it was brilliant because one can easily relate the logo to the name of the coffee shop because moon and clouds are used to symbolize dream thus coffee colored moon plus clouds= Coffee dream. I mentioned this to Michael and he said that the logo looks like a top view of a steaming cup of coffee to him. Well he's also right thus hands down to the minds that conceptualized the logo because it really captured the essence of the coffee shop. The new Coffee Dream didn’t just end with the logo, they have freshened up the place with cool cloud shaped hanging lights, surreal paintings and chic tables and chairs. They still have their wifi access. As for the products, I tried out the cold coffee based Frothy Caramel and Michael tried the cold non-coffee based Creamy Irish. We both liked it because it has just the right amount of sweetness that’s why there was more room for more sweets. The group tried out the choco caramel cake, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate dome and choco cheese cake. We all loved it! The new Coffee dream is a must try for all!

Group picture: From Left to Right,Duane,Mark,Andrew,Ria,Koi,Me,Leah,Juy,Carla with Eugene and Chito at the back and Michael at the front taking the photo :D 

More photos here

Coffee Dream
Ground Level, SM City Mall of Davao ( near National Bookstore entrance)
Ecoland, Davao City


  1. Nice post. Gusto ko tuloy uminom ulit ng kape dun. The Ice Blended Irish Latte is super yuuum.

  2. Thanks Ri! We'll definitely go back and this time we'll pay of course :D

  3. perfect place for coffee lovers....

  4. correct Mommy Rovs and even for non-coffee lovers me :)



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