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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kapatagan Trip with Davao Bloggers Part 2

Our Kapatagan adevnture didn't finish at the Tibolo House because  after there we went to another House... Kublai's famous Agong House. It was just a few meters from Kapatagan's main highway but the road was rough and it was uphill.5CVP3DM8833P
Kublai Milan, to those who don't know is a famous Davao Artist who is best known for his sculptures in People's Park. The first thing that greeted us was this huge installation/ playground called Playground in the skies. There were a lot of local kids playing there.

The next thing I noticed was this another installation spelling out words I.YOU.GIVE.GOD.LOVE.GOD.BEAUTY with matching sculptures.
 The entire place was a feast to the eyes with the unique work of arts. The main house was shaped like an Agong, a native instrument and you can go up on it's roof and have a view of the entire place.

 After we posed on almost every art work in the place we had to call it a day. The driver was apprehensive of rain so at around 4:00 Pm we headed back to Davao.

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