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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Abreeza Ayala Mall Food Tour

If I could have one word to describe last Saturday it would be Pure Gastronomic Delight! Okay that's three words but you couldn't fit it all in one word anyway because it was just simply awesome!  Mike and I were lucky enough to be part of the Abreeza Ayala Mall Food Tour with the Davao Bloggers courtesy of Abreeza Mall who contacted Ria. Ria was the one who enlisted the Davao Bloggers. There were 20 bloggers who were divided into 4 groups. Mike and I were on the Green Team together with Grace, Jin and Mark.
Green Team Jumpshot minus Michael who's the designated photographer

Each team has different line ups of establishments to visit, ours were:
Snacks at Gonuts Donuts, Ground Floor Park Entrance
Entree at Teriyaki Boy, 2nd Floor
Lunch at Rancheros, 3rd Floor Roof Top Garden
Dessert at The White Hat, 3rd Floor Roof Top Garden
Coffee at Bo's Coffee Club, 2nd Floor

Ain't the list awesome?There was such an abundance of food that we would actually cringe every time a food is offered because we are just sooo full ! And we can't resist the dishes so we have no choice but to consume it haha! Anyways, I felt like I was a grade schooler on a field trip to Lonbisco and Coke though we didn't go far and just stayed within the Malls premises. It was like a field trip because each food establishments we visited shared with us not just their food but their company's history, an overview of their operations and other fun facts about them. It was really interesting to know how  a food establishment is ran, how the dishes were prepared and how their company came to be. The food tour gave us an opportunity to get to know the food establishments we visited on a more personal level and it made us appreciate the food more. I will create an individual post for each food's my way of saying thank you. Well it's the least I can do for their generosity  :)


  1. Looking forward to your posts. :)

    Medyo nainggit ako. Medyo lang. Hehe!

  2. gluttony to the highest??? hmmm... sama mo ako next time raine... hehehe.. saya at magkasama pa kayo ng hubby mo..

  3. @Ria: will post soon...wag na kc mag-diet hehehe
    @RM:Yum indeed! :D
    @Rovie:gluttony jud...kami na lang gud mo-dili sa pagkaon hehehe sige join ta...I messaged you in FB ;)



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