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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Agdao Public Market

Take a wild guess where was the venue for my first dinner date with Michael. It wasn't a romantic candlelit dinner at a posh restaurant. It was not even a simple meal at a fast food chain. It was at Agdao Public Market! Oh the post title was a dead giveaway! But nonetheless it wasn't a typical place for a date. It was not the kind of place where you bring someone you want to impress. So why this place? Because I've been telling Mike how much of a cowgirl (not picky/choosy)I am and that I can dine anywhere so he took me there to test me. There are a lot of eateries there that are known for their Bulalo in the Eatery Section. We ordered Bulalo (P50), Rice(P8) and Softdrinks (P16). One can also order      pork/chicken barbecue, grilled fish and etc. It was my first time to dine there though I've tried their food before(take out). Their food is surprisingly satisfactory. One might doubt the sanitation but from what I've seen the food is prepared well, served hot and the utensils are clean. The ambiance does not encourage lingering though because it is open and just along the street. It is still a place that I will consider to dine if I have a budget of P100 not only because the place has sentimental value but the food can fill a hungry stomach and can pass a DavaoeƱos  discriminating taste. 


  1. cowgirl jud diay? hehehe... lami man sad didto unya barato...

  2. @Rovie: Korek practical kaayo...cowgirl jud...mosakay ug cow hahaha

  3. hahaha... bdw, thank you for being one of my top commentators for the month of August. I really appreciate it raine...

  4. hmmm... Raine, did the thought that perhaps hubby was "testing" you on your first date cross your mind? obviously you passed it with flying colors! hehehe

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  6. @Rovie: Welcome :D
    @Lanie: I knew he was testing me...well actually we were both testing each other and we both passed hehehe
    @gagay: will check your blog



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