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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick Baby

Our son Kulay got sick last Sunday. He started vomiting after he feeds and he developed a fever later in the evening. The following day he had diarrhea and his temperature got higher at 39 deg C so we rushed him to the hospital. The doctors have to run several test on him, CBC, Fecalysis and Urinalysis. He seems to get weaker and while we were at the hospital he vomited again so we were advised to have him admitted so he can be further observed. The first results all returned negative test so the Doctor advised to run a further analysis on his blood, stool and urine through culture test. We have to wait for 48 hours for the result. Meanwhile Kulay's fever never lowered down during the first day even after medication. Mike and I got so worried. It was the first time Kulay got sick since he was born. He only had a slight fever once after an immunization but he recovered quickly after the medication. It pains us to see our son lying on the bed weak with a dextrose hooked on him. He didn't have any appetite and he just kept on sleeping. 
   The second day his fever went down and he started to gain his energy back. He begins to smile, baby talk and crawl. The doctor also told us that the initial result of the test showed that Kulay have Amoebiasis and the medication started. We were unsure were he got Amoeba, maybe on his water, food and etc.  So we have to be extra careful now in preparing Kulay's food.
     Kulay got better and we were discharged on the fourth day. After a torturous 4 days stay at the hospital we finally went home. Kulay still has diarrhea but the frequency lessened and the stools are no longer watery. We will see the doctor again after a week.
     The most painful part in holding a sick baby in your arms is not just seeing him in pain but seeing him looking at you with trusting eyes that believe that you can make his pain go away. It really tears my heart to be helpless and powerless in making him well. This experience made me feel the huge weight of responsibility in being a parent. It made me realize again that I have a vital role in taking care of a life and that I should do a better job at it.


  1. Good to hear that Kulay is already recovering raine. Si Bella nag start sya diarrhea gniha mga 2am and at around 6 am nag fever na sya until now. We went to see her doctor this morning, may mga prescriptions lang. Murag uso na sa mga bata karon. Anyway, i'll blog about it later...thanks for sharing.

  2. Maayo kay okay na imo baby. God bless.

  3. @Rovs:mura uso jud...daghan mi nakasabay naconfine, diarrhea and fever...mostly due to bacteria. Hope Bella gets well soon!

    @Julienne: Salamat :D



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