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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Date Nights

Mike and I went inside Abreeza Mall Cinema for the first time last Saturday. It was actually our first time to be inside any movie house for the year. When we were both single we used to watch movies weekly. We used to frequent coffee shops and eat out at new restaurants. Our life has changed a lot since we got married. It is really difficult to find time to go out together now that we have our son to think of. We have no house help or nanny and we usually leave Kulay at our parent's house when we really have to go out and can't bring him. Don't feel sorry for us because of this limitation we learned to be resourceful. Let me share our "Date Nights":

1.Instead of watching movies at the cinemas we buy/borrow DVDs and most of the time download movies and watch it at home when our son is asleep. Armed with chips and drinks,we would camp at our living room and have movie or TV series marathons until dawn.

2.Instead of dining out we cook at home. Mike and I both love pasta so we have pastas every Friday. Mike also cooks up new dishes he learns from cooking shows every Saturday or Sunday. 

3.We had internet installed at home and bought a router so our home is a wifi zone. We can both go online at the same time and communicate through FB Lols. We're not really coffee drinkers so we have stocks of Lipton Milk tea,some caffeine free herbal tea such as Stash tea Raspberry flavor and hot choco.

What's important is that we still spend time together as a couple, enjoy each other's company and have fun even when we just stay at home.


  1. wow! it is good to know that even with Kulay around you still both spend quality time with each other. Enjoy!

  2. Yes we have to find ways or else we'll be bored to death :)

  3. Very magastos talaga ang lumabas. It's not bad after all because you still do have time for each other :) That's the most important thing :)



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