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Monday, August 8, 2011

Abreeza Food Tour:Teriyaki Boy

Entree at Teriyaki boy was the next item on our list during our Abreeza Ayala Mall Food Tour. The minute we entered the place and sat down they began serving us food that we were caught unaware. We just stared and drooled at the sumptuous dishes laid before us one by one. We managed to wake up from our stupor and listened to Ma'am Sheng,one of the Managers, as she told us about the dishes and the company. Teriyaki Boy is a Filipino Owned company which belongs to the Pancake House Group. They offer a casual dining japanese experience at an affordable price while maintanining high quality dishes one can find at high end Japanese restaurants. They opened last May 12, 2011 at the 2nd floor Abreeza Ayala Mall here in Davao.
The first dish they served was the Kani Salad. It was love at first bite! The Kani Salad is a combination of crabs sticks, cucumber and Japanese mayo.

Next they served us with us with  my personal favorite, their California Maki a delightful combination of crabstick salad,green mango and japanese rice.The orange coating is actually fresh shrimp roe or eggs in layman's term.

Next is Mike's new favorite, Tuna Sashimi Tartare which he likens to the local Kinilaw. It is made of Tuna sashimi, Japanese Mayo and Tempura flakes.
Other equally flavorful dish they served were(Clockwise) the Philly Cheese Stick Roll- a western twist to classic Japanese rolls, Chicken Teriyaki-the store's signature dish,Tofu Steak and Crunchy Tuna Gunkan.

After those dishes we were so full but we still have some room for Yogato! You can't say no to Yogato...Teriyaki Boy's yummy Yogurt! We were introduced to Azuki Nori and Ichigo Yogato who both instantly became our new best friends.

Teriyaki Boy offers party packages and host parties at their restaurant. They have Grab and Go Meals that you can take with you and they also accommodate request for deliveries(Contact: 09228606056), they just charge you for the fare.

Our Group Shot,

Fun Fact: The store's mascot is Teriyaki Boy or T-Boy for short and he has some friends, Fudo-Zen, Kiyo-San, Kuuki and Jinno. You can get to know them better at the Teriyaki Boy's official site.


  1. wow!!! another yummy post... thanks raine!

  2. Welcome! give this place a try if you haven't yet and I can assure that you'll be addicted just like us :D

  3. kalami tan-awon.. mahadlok man ko mutry ug japanese food kay bahuan kog wasabi =D

  4. @Julienne: I am not fond of wasabi too pero matolerate man. itry gud...tanggala lang wasabi hehehe



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