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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mossimo Kids Fun Club Happy Kid Photo Contest

I'm still a bit bummed out that I missed the deadline for the Johnson's Contest that I diverted my frustration to other  activities or rather contests. I remembered that there is a weekly contest for Mossimo Kids on their facebook page so I submitted a photo for this week. It's pretty easy to join, just grab a Happy Kid Photo Contest template and place a picture of your kid and post it to their page. You will get a chance to win a P500 worth of Mossimo Kids Gift Certificate. Please read here for the full contest guidelines. The contest has been running since March so see how I'm procrastinating again. Here's our entry for this week by the way :)


  1. hahaha!!! yay, ka pogi naman ni kulay... love this photo...

  2. @Rovs: Thanks! ipa join si Bella :D



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