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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scrapaholics' World at Abreeza

I blogged about how I love scrapbooking in my former blog. I actually finished one scrapbook for my family. ..a real scrapbook and not digital. I loved doing it and plan to do some more. Now that I have a son, I have more reason to really get down and serious with scrapbooking. However my desire for scrapbooking lay dormant for a while because I got lazy and other little excuses that I haven't started with my son's scrapbook. Anyway the other day I chanced upon a post in the Abreeza page about the Scrapaholics World activity tomorrow October 16 at the Abreeza Mall. It will start at 10:00 am and they will have a scrapbooking competition which really got me interested. I really hope I can join tomorrow and hopefully this will get me started with my long over due project of my son's scrapbook. Here's the poster for Scrapaholics world lifted from the All About Scrapbooking page, the major sponsor for this event.


  1. scrapbooking is really interesting pero murag dili sya para sa akoa raine... hehehe... wala ko tyaga pati talent... mag try ko puhon digital scapbooking...

  2. @Rovs:lingaw man Rovs pero kailangan jud bitaw tiyaga mao ako gani naundang kay gitamad hehehe

  3. wow.. karon ni. ug naa poy sale karon hehehe ang mga mall jud!

  4. @jul:oo kagahapon Jul...lingaw man kay ganahan man ko magscrapbook. Yes grabe jud mga malls pang engganyo ug tao :D



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