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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Birthday Invitation

Another DIY I did for Kulay's Birthday was the party invitation. The mini buntings I made first because I thought the theme would be COLORS but then I changed my mind but still used the buntings because I already made around 50. I just used board papers and printed the monsters then cut it out and pasted it. I also cut the lower right corner with ordinary scissors to make it look like it was bitten by a monster. Luckily I found matching envelopes for the paper. I forgot to take pictures of what's inside but it was just details of the party using the "smiley monster" font in black color. If isn't obvious yet, my theme colors are blue, green and orange :)


  1. Hapit na jud ang big day ni Kulay Mommy Raine. As in unya na jud...

    Sayang dili maka join si Bella. Happy Birthday to your Lil Monster Raine. May he grow up to be loving and God-fearing person...

    God bless you Kulay! Kisses!

  2. Thanks so much Mommy Rovs! Too bad you and Bella missed the party.

  3. Nicely done, i also enjoy DIY project. This inspire me to create stuff for my son's 4th bday. Angry birds ang theme, that is, if he didn't switch favorites.

  4. @Einz: Thank you! Angry Birds is quite popular as themes nowadays. Goodluck with your son's bday :)



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