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Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY Party Loot Bag

The theme we chose for Kulay's first birthday is Little Monster because he is our little monster. He is indeed a monster at times when he cries (and screams) and he also makes this cute monster growls. Anyways I know that choosing this theme would be a bit challenging because most party supplies available are in popular cartoon characters such as Cars, Mickey Mouse and etc. So I know that I would do a lot of DIY stuff starting with the loot bags. I don't know who started this fad but loot bags or goodie bags just became a necessity in every kid's party. I scoured the net for ideas on my chosen theme and really found a lot of interesting stuffs. There are a lot of printable materials but we don't have a printer at home so I chose a simple design for the loot bag.

1. Conceptualize your design and prepare your materials. I used the ff.
  • Paper Bag (the ones used for food take outs)
  • Art Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

2. Cut out monster parts.
3. Paste.
My good friend Rhea helping me out
4. Voila you're done! You have your own personalized Li'l Monster Loot bag. Just stuff it with candies and toys and will surely put a grin on a Li'l Monster's face :)


  1. Wow! Very creative ka naman Mommy Raine!

    Ako na jud ang walay talent. Hahaha! Excited na sad ko for Kulay's Birthday!

  2. Thanks Rovs! inspired man gud ko karon hehehe

  3. Oh this looks fun... goodluck on your party... =)



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