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Friday, February 3, 2012

My SSS Experience

I rarely rant nowadays but now I have a very good reason to rant. I went to SSS this afternoon  to correct my name because the name recorded when I changed it from my Maiden to Married name was erroneous. We have a company representative who can do  it for us but I decided to do it myself so I can personally ensure that things will be A-OK. I was also planning to pay for my husband's contribution since he changed to voluntary from employed. So at 2:00PM I got there and got the number 131 for the Members Services counters, the current number being served was 455. Good luck to me! I went to the payments line and got the number 557 and the number being served was 515. When it was my turn at the counter for the payment, the teller told me that I have to write on the duplicate and triplicate copy...I thought all along that the papers were carbonated. So Stupid of me to assume that! So I filled in all the copies and went back to the teller and guess what? He was gone. I think it was the end of his shift and he went home. So I approached the guard and explained my case and he made me wait in line again for a bit and then it was finally my turn, I paid and one transaction finished. 

It was already 3:00pm and I was very happy that the number being served for the Members Services is now 50..only 81 numbers to go. Finally at 4:00PM, after 2 hours it was my turn and the representative was accommodating and the transaction was finished in a jiffy. When I got  out of  the SSS building, an old man shouted at me "Day gibilin nimo imong anak (Miss, you forgot your child)" I looked back and saw him looking at me and there was nobody else so I assumed he was referring to me. He kept on shouting at me and people are beginning to stare but it was clearly a case of mistaken Identity and I was too tired to investigate so I just shrugged my shoulders and walked on. That was a weird one.
What I learned from all these is that I should be early next time and check the forms if they are properly filled up. What I do hope from SSS so they could enhance their service is to provide more service counters, 3 people cannot accommodate hundreds please do the math and lastly, can you use carbonated papers next time so we don't have to write the same information thrice. That's all. Thank You!


  1. hahaha! imbyerna....

    As usual Raine, 48 years ago ana na jud nang SSS. Almost same experience with me when I changed my maiden to married name... Makauga ug dugo!

    Kabalo sila nga daghan tao pirmi unya pila lang ka counters ilang ginabutang. I wish mag allocate sila counters for multiple transaction aron isa lang kaagi tanan dili ta hulat sa pikas ug pikas...

    By the way, asa tuod nga work si Mike? Hehehe

  2. @Rovie: agree2x grabe jud hinulatay ba...maluoy ko sa uban labaw na mga tigulang :( home based ra mike hehehe

  3. We processed my father's disability claims sa SSS Toril, Flo (sorry, mas anad ko sa Flo kesa Raine. Hehe.). Mas mubo pila. :) Sa Bajada ko nagpa-SSS ID before. It took me 3 hours, only to find out na sa SSS Toril nagpa-ID akong mama, and it took her less than 30 minutes. Life. :P

  4. @Davao Base: pang sosyal nako na nickname ang Raine hahaha ngek naa diay sa Toril...suyaa sa 30 minutes oi



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