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Saturday, February 4, 2012


 The thought of having a tattoo entered my mind during my post college years. I believe tattoo is an art and form of self expression. However, it was just one of those things that I considered doing but don't have immediate plans of implementing. When I met Mike who have tattoos, I began to know more about tattoos and really appreciate it. So i decided to have one when I get married (so I don't need to have a long discussion with my parents about having one :) ) and so early this morning I finally did it. We asked Mike's friend Gani who is a tattoo artist to do our tattoos at home. There were three of us, Me, Mike and Mike's brother. I planned to be the first but I wanted to observe first and truthfully I was having cold feet. Mike and I planned to have the same tattoo but I changed my mind while I was waiting for my turn and came up with a rain cloud with rainbow colored drops. My interpretation for this is my name, Raine and the colored drops represents Kulay and also blessings. So at 2:00 am we started my tattoo and we ended at around 3:30am. 

Now we came to the inevitable question, did it hurt? YES IT DID! There was no topical anesthesia available so it was raw pain but it was tolerable. It was a hot and stingy sensation and felt like my back was being stitched or slashed  repeatedly with blade. But I survived childbirth and thought I could survive anything so I endured it. I'm actually happy with the outcome and I plan to have more :)


  1. Kuyawa nimo, Flo, uy! Pero kailangan 2 am jud? :)

  2. Yay! the thought of it scares me... hehehe but bilib ko nimo raine oi...

    Nice one... May I put the meaning pa jud ka sa imong tattoo ha.. hehehe

  3. @Davao Base: hahaha late naman gud nag abot ang artist mao naabtan jud ug kaadlwaon

    @Rovs: Thanks! yes...dapat naa jud meaning kay unsaon na lang permanent na baya



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