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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shopping Cart Cover

We usually bring our son with us every time we do our grocery shopping. Thank God grocery carts are design with a seat for children that makes it convenient for parents like us. Some carts even have toy cars at the bottom where your child can play driver but I find this hard to maneuver so we prefer to use the regular shopping cart. We noticed that Kulay bites the handle of the cart when he's bored so Mike and I became concerned with the sanitation. He said we should   look for shopping cart covers. I haven't seen covers on the malls so I decided to shop online. I searched on Ebay philippines and luckily I found one! A used but in good condition Infantino Shopping Cart Cover and Activity Playmat for only P550. 
I also found brand new shopping cart covers from multiply but the price range is around P1500. I placed a bid on the item on Ebay and won. Luck is on my side because the seller is also from Davao so we agreed to meet thus I saved on the shipping cost and bank charges. Mike and I found the cover very useful and we believe that it protects our child from virus and bacteria left behind on the cart by the previous users. Also it keeps our son comfortable while we cruise from lane to lane. The cover we bought can also be used on high chairs and as a play mat so it was a really good buy which I would also recommend to other parents.


  1. Wow! nice gud sya raine... Ganahan ko kay multi-purpose although dili nako ginadala si Bella during grocery shopping...

  2. Nice! Haven't seen these cart covers ever but it's such a good idea when bringing kids while shopping.

  3. @Rovs: lagi gamit jud for us...samok magdala bata kung mag-grocery but we have no choice mao bit2x pirmi si kulay :)

    @sweet: actually i also wouldn't have known about it if i haven't searched online. thanks for dropping by :D



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