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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Ever since Mike and I became a couple, I have been pestering him to give me flowers on Valentine's day but he never did. I even offered to order and pay for the flowers but he was really stubborn about it and even now that we are married he never gave me a single rose or even a stem or a leaf. He don't write me love letters or cards or serenade me with  love songs.  But despite this I don't complain because I know he loves me very much.  He shows me he loves me through his own little ways which I think are equally romantic. He would cook my favorite meal or buy me food that I crave. Scratch my back. Give me the larger slice of the pizza. Allows me to eat the leche flan on his halo-halo and the quail egg on his Chopsuey.  He would carry my bag. He would wake up (though grudgingly) when Kulay cries in the middle of the night and let me sleep. And countless other stuffs that makes my heart swell. I just hope that he would also see that in my own little ways I love him very much. Happy Valentine's day :)

Note: The Title of this post was the first thing that came to mind while composing this. It is the title of a book that I often see in our High School Library but never got the chance to read.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Valentines Raine...

    Mike is same as Bren... We have been sweethearts for 6 years and have been married for almost 4 years now, tuo na lang kung muingon ko nga pareha nimo bisan dahon sa rose wala jud koy nadawatan bisan isa...Hehehe

    But I am very fulfilled and contented with the way he showed me how he loves me. Same with Mike, mu-serbisyo jud sa asawa...

    Mas maayo gani wala ta naanad ug mga roses ug uban pang regalo para dili na ta mag expect. Sayang sad ang gasto, kung pwde i cash na lang pamalit gatas ug diaper...hahaha Nagpaka nanay na sad...

    Happy valentines to Mike and Kulay too. Hugs!



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