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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Of Dancing Fountains and LSS

"I'm walking on sunshine, woooah and don't it feel good!! !"
That's the song that's been playing in my head since Monday. Blame it on the Dancing Fountain show which we watched at SM Lanang Premier. They have an hourly show at their fountain court every night starting from 5:00 pm. Our son has been bugging us to go to "EM-EM" every time he got the chance. Last night while I was folding clothes he handed me his pajama and shirt and said "Tuot Nina(I want to wear clothes)". I willingly obliged and then after dressing him up he said "Ta...Em-Em(Let's go to SM)". *Sigh* my one year old is no longer a baby...he is becoming a brat boy.A boy who has his own wants. He loves EM-EM because he can run all he wants at the huge space at the mall's fountain court. Mike and I get pretty exhausted at times running after him. He is also amazed at the play of lights and water during the hourly fountain shows. I am also delighted by the somehow brings out the child in me. And seeing my son's look of delight while watching the show warms my heart. Oh I'm getting mushy again. Anyway I am really happy that SMLP have this fountain court. Kids and adult alike  esp. those in the Lanang area like us now have a new place to chill and hang out. I love that the new malls aren't just a place to shop and dine, they are now offering a "lifestyle".
The Obligatory Fountain Pose

Kulay Having a "Moment" after running around


  1. Hi Raine, thanks for dropping by my blog. So happy you liked the dancing fountain of SM Lanang, too. Alot of people worked so hard to make that happen. :-)

    1. Were you one of the people who made it happen? :) Kudos to you then! It makes a lot of people happy. Thanks also for dropping by

  2. Hello Raine... wow buti pa kayo nakapasyal na dito sa gabi..sadly ako ang lapit di man lang

    So si Kulay naka'moment' natalaga sa em-em.. hahaha cute naman yun.. hoping to so see you soon with Kulay na.. heheh :)

    1. maka-pronounce na gud siya ug ES-EM mommy...madunggan nako iya ginapractice LOLs yes hope to see you soon with the kids. tambay ta sa fountain :D



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