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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SM Lanang Premier Supermarket

September 28 is a big day for us Dabawenyos. It is the grand opening of one of the most awaited mall in our city, SM Lanang Premier. It is located in Lanang  at the former Lanang Golf Course, in front of Jetti Station/Bloomfields Subdivision/Ford Showroom. One day before the official opening, the media including the Davao Bloggers were invited for a media tour of it's various facilities. I was able to join the Supermarket Tour. The tour were hosted by Johny Bukol and Inday Salad, DJs from I FM. Together with the SM Managers they introduced to us the main features of the supermarket.

As a shopper we always wanted to get the best value for our money. We are attracted by discounts and promos and SM Supermaket definitely have lots of Discounts and Promos in store for us.

The tour started with the Swipe machine with a virtual girl. Before starting your shopping,you can check your SM Advantage Card, Prestige and BDO Rewards Card in the machine to get a promo list of discounts and giveaways.
They also introduced the Happy Hour promo which is an "surprise" discount in 60 minutes/1 hour on fresh and food items. It will be announced over the speakers impromptu so shoppers must be there when it happens to avail of the discounts.
Be sure to check out Value packs which are specially bundled packs with FREE SM Bonus items.

Every shopper must check out the Yellow Tag items because with a minimum P500 purchases of these items you instantly win cool prizes at the redemption booth.


The SM supermarket is proud to deliver Fresh products to its consumers. They have Hydroponic vegetables which grows without soil to lessen bacteria contamination. 
They have "sneeze guards" which are glass panels to prevent items from bacteria of virus exposures as shoppers go around checking the items out. They also have humidifiers for vegetables and seafood to trap moisture and prevent dehydration. Tongs, gloves and plastic bags are provided for costumers to ensure proper handling of fresh items while store personnel are required to wear aprons, spit guards and hairnets at their respective stations.

Whenever you have any inquiries or concerns you can approach any store personnel or if no personnel is in sight you can press the "Help Buttons" and a store personnel will be with you shortly.

To avoid long queues they have a speed lane. While you are on queue, a store personnel will scan your items with a portable barcode reader so when you reach the counter you just pay for the items.
The SM Supermarket is 5,000 square meters which relatively huge and it has everything that a shopper needs. It is not merely for groceries but you can also shop for clothing, furniture and appliances, grab a quick bite, pay bills, buy medicine and more.

SM Greenbags are available for shoppers and everyone is encouraged to use the reusable bags during shopping. They also use biodegradable plastics in line with our city's drive for Plastic Ban. 

My husband and I are very much happy that SM is offering us so much more in terms of our shopping experience. I am glad that they wanted to really satisfy their customers by continuously improving their service and feature in every mall that they open.


  1. Never been pa talaga sa SM Lanang. Ang high-end naman ng supermarket nila. Makavisit nga. heheheh... :-)

    1. medyo improved nga ang supermarket nila sa lanang compared to the one in ecoland.cge suroy pud...check out the competition :P thanks for dropping by!



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