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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DRC Chistmas Par-tea and Book Swap

I was planning to have a Hello 2013 or highlight of 2012 post but I suddenly remembered that I forgot to post about an event that I truly enjoyed last year.

I am part of a Book Club/Reader's Circle here in Davao, we call ourselves the Davao Reader's circle. We have been in existence since 2009 but became inactive for the past 2 years. We used to meet twice a month but last year we only met less than five times and I really missed the group and our chats about books, movies and just about anything. I made it a goal to have a meet up for December. I suggested to the group to have a Tea Party and Book Swap and they agreed. 
We met last December 16 at Yellow Hauz Coffee Shop. We had raffle, book swap and a trivia quiz over food and of course I had milk tea. There was no shortage of books and stories! We all brought home books as in plural! I really had fun. 
Also, Pearl and Rose introduced to us their new site, Switotwins which is a great online resource for original children stories. 
I am really glad that new faces showed up and hope that we could really have a regular meet up this year. We have BIG plans this year which includes putting up of a Reading Club 2000 here in Davao.
Our group Picture inside the Yellow Hauz because some need to leave.
Our group picture outside before leaving.


  1. It is nice to know that group like this is in existence in Davao. I bet Bren would be interested to join if he has extra time.

    I am not much of a book reader but I read books that caught my interest every once in a while.

    Good luck to your group Raine :)

  2. This is a very healthy way to gather and exchange stuff :) With the advent of e-book readers, I'm so glad to know that there are still people who would rather read the conventional way. I still prefer it that way.

    Good luck to your group and keep doing what you do to encourage more youth to engage in worthy activities.

  3. heee wala pa gihapon ko naka apil ug meet up balik...

  4. being in a group that share your interest is really inspiring and motivating, i was in a book club before also when i was younger, but now, i am in "blogging forum", heheh, anyway, happy for you that you have your book club and a book swap is a beautiful idea.

  5. I love reading books and when I am into it, I devour it:) It's nice for that group to be organized for those who love reading and being able to share thoughts and ideas or recommend books among members.

  6. wow! I love that idea, I would love to join this kind of group so sad I don't know anyone around my area.

  7. well that's a nice experience. i hope i could join that same kind of activity with our group here in cebu as well.

    cheers! :)

  8. How nice naman na there is such a book group there in Davao that made there members get the most of it. I like that book swap thing. Pwede kayang i-swap yung book kongUnang Aralin sa Pagbasa. Joke lang po. :)

  9. that's nice to belong to a group that you really enjoyed what you are doing. looks like everyone had a great time. goodluck for your group this year. :)

  10. Ate Flo invite me next time? pwede? Hehehe

  11. That really sounds fun. Kung hindi lang kayo malayo , I will join.

  12. we should really do this again! :)

    1. yep let's sked one at alley cat! :-)



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