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Friday, March 1, 2013

You Can Be Smarter With Globe GoSakto

I can still recall my first cellphone when I was in college which was a Nokia 5110. I can also recall my first prepaid sim which was Globe.I stuck by with Globe since then because most of my friends are also globe subscribers and I am very satisfied with their service. I have tried other networks but I find it lacking in terms of service and connectivity so I went back to Globe. When I was working I decided to apply for a Postpaid plan and until now I am still using this service. 

Globe's Telecom service has grown by leaps and bounds since my first Sim. Now they will change the Prepaid service landscape forever with their breakthrough service, GoSakto. GoSakto lets the prepaid subscribers choose their own promo. Say whaaat!? YES, the subscribers can choose their texts,call and surfing promo, choose the validity period, name your promo and share it with your friends. Globe recognizes that each subscribers have their own needs, budget and lifestyle. This is Globe's way of empowering the subscribers by letting them create their own promo that would fit their own unique needs.   

They launched GoSakto in Davao at Marco Polo last Feb.18 in Davao and we were lucky to be part of it. Globe allowed us to experience Customization in different levels through their create and choose your own ice cream, salad, candies and chocolates. And the finale of course is letting us try to create our own prepaid promos. It is really a liberating thing to be able to create and choose your own.

If you want to check out GoSakto, first you have to buy a Globe Prepaid SIm if you're not a Globe subscriber yet and you then:
1. Use the self service menu *143# 
2. Go to the Globe website:
3. Use and download Facebook Apps:

You can also know more about GoSakto by checking this video by the gorgeous Xiam Lim :

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