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Friday, March 22, 2013

On Suicide

I rarely blog about current events because I am not updated with the news. I don't like watching news because it only gets me down and angry when I see children getting raped and abused, people getting killed and robbed, war breaking out and etc. This time though I will share my 2 cents on the recent suicide of UP student Kristel Tejada. I've seen many FB status and blog of friends and I decided to also share my point of view.

Suicide is an issue close to my heart. I can't exactly remember what were my problems before during my teenage years but I have toyed with the thought of killing myself. I've never been that close to doing it but I just thought of it, maybe it was part of being a Drama Queen or being rebellious at that stage in my life. I didn't do it because I know it is a SIN. It is irreversible and physically hurts.That is why in my opinion, nobody is to blame for the death of Kristel. She made her choice. It is just sad that she came to a point in her life when she felt that she had no other option but to end her life. It is sad that she had no hope left. I think this angle needs more attention other than the circumstances surrounding her death. 

It is such a silver lining that people, the government and various organizations are united are doing steps to better our educational system. They should not have waited this long and I wish they could sustain this need for change and really come up with concrete solutions.

But going back to the suicide, I am not judging Kristel. In fact my heart goes out to her and to other people who are in the same predicament as her.There was also a recent news about a HS student who attempted suicide because she did not become and honor student. What's happening to the youth of today? I have heard several cases of suicide that I felt the need to write this post and hope that somehow it helps.

I do firmly believe though that no matter how compelling and hopeless your situation might be, suicide should not be an option. Here are some things I would like to share to those who are contemplating suicide:

1.Do your research and know that the odds are against you. There are 25 attempts at suicide for every one success. and think about what might happen if you fail, you might be in a coma or get physically hurt. You might suffer an ailment or injury that will affect the rest of your life.

2. Think of the consequence. How will your death affect your family and the people around you?

3.Talk to someone. Family and friends are the best options but there are also lots of hotline where you can keep your anonymity.

4.Express your thoughts and feelings, don't bottle it inside. Find an outlet for your problems.

5.Pray. No matter what your religion is pray to the God you believe in.

6.Listen to other people's advice. Read testimonies about those who are in similar situation.

7. "This too shall pass" this is the mantra that i keep repeating to myself every time I have overwhelming problems. Everything heals in time. Never lose hope. Never give up on life.

Note: Photo is courtesy of my husband. Model is my sister in law. They wanted an anti-Glamour shot and came up with a Suicidal Concept :)


  1. "I wish they could sustain this need for change and really come up with concrete solutions."--- very well said.

    about suicide, we too, should learn how to identify some signs so hopefully they could get help or early intervention as they may suffer from major depression.

  2. This is important to all of us especially parents out there to look all the signs or changes behaviour of their kid's to avoid it. Good post.

  3. that is just so sad. i think there are other options to solve one's problems rather than ending one's life.

  4. It is really sad and somehow ironic wherein some people decided to end their lives while others are struggling to live or at least prolong it.

    I certainly agree to your points Raine for I also share the same sentiments. You are right, suicide should not be an option. In every situation, there is always a way out and just like you , I always remember these powerful words "this too shall pass" in every difficult situation,.

  5. It's too sad when a person's coping mechanism in life's adversities and tribulations is not strong enough to whether life's storms. It's where the support systems such as family and peers come into the picture. But like you said, suicide is her personal choice.

    We all have our own crosses to bear. Who doesn't have? I must agree to all of the points you have smartly enumerated. With great emphasis I must say, that these challenges in life is a huge test of character and you said it right, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

  6. SOrry for the typo. It should have been "weather life's storms." ;-)

  7. You have enumerated such great points and thoughts, dear! Indeed, suicide is not the best option. As a matter of fact, it shouldn't even be an option. It is sad that there are those who tend to lose hope and take their own lives. I personally know of a few who did the same and it has never been easy for the family.

    Like you, I wish and hope that the government shall be able to do better when it comes to the educational system in the country.

  8. 16 is such a tender age. as a parent of 2 teens, i had been through lots of difficulties raising them -i have to be tough on them because if not they abuse your authority. yet i have to be soft for they will rebel, we know how youth can be delinquent at times. i guess, the role of family or friends is crucial. when you know your world is crushing at your feet and you cant seem to find somebody to talk to -that's where decisions come in.
    my two cents? kristel must have had other problem aside from not paying her tuition. because as per her tuition, should it be her parents concern instead.

    great post.

  9. Age is not a big factor in suicide cases. I believe it is Faith in God that really matters. If only one is a God-fearing individual, then suicide is not option to take.

  10. I just wish for us to have a lot of reasons to be happy and least time to worry about things. P-O-S-I-T-I-V-I-T-Y!

  11. for me, suicide is really not option...i just felt sad knowing stories like that! you have enumerated enough reasons not to do it. there's so much reason to live everyday!



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