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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It is 1:40am, I am folding my son's clothes when out of the blue I remembered that I had an article that I was planning to submit to Philippine Daily Inquirer's Youngblood.I wrote this ages ago. I know I am over the age limit now  (limit is 29 years old) so I decided I would publish it in my blog instead. I can't exactly recall why I didn't submit it in the first place, I think it was too short, topic is not that relevant or maybe I just made up excuses because I was just scared of rejection and did not muster enough courage. Now I am not overflowing with self confidence or courage but I have accepted and embraced the fact that one of of the gifts God gave me is writing and that I should mold it and be the best writer that I can be.

Without further ado, here's my article:

         Thesmell of detergent often gets me nostalgic. It would remind me of my workingdays in Laguna. I had my first taste of independence when I got off college. Igot a job in Sta. Rosa,Laguna. It is a hundred miles away from Davao city.
      Living on my own has presented somedifficulties. Among others were doing household chores like cooking andlaundry. I completely gave up on cooking and limited myself to the oven toasterand pouring hot water to the instant noodles or cereals. I relied on fast foodoutlets and local carinderias.Laundry, well it was something I learned myself. I know the basics from Home Economicsin Elementary and from washing my Barbie dolls clothes when I was a kid. Iwasn’t completely helpless when it comes to washing clothes even without thewashing machine.
        I know that you need a large basin. Then youfill it with water and immerse all the dirty clothes but of course you have toseparate the colored ones from the whites.  Then you use detergent soap bar or powder. Iprefer the powder because you just have to sprinkle it generously over the immersedclothes. Then the tedious task of kneading and twisting the clothes comes in. There’sno general rule, you just knead to your heart’s content. When I feel lazy sometimesI would use my feet and stomp all over the clothes immersed in the basin. WhenI get really really lazy I would deliver the clothes to the nearest laundryshop. After rubbing you then rinse the soapy clothes. At first I thought it wasokay to rinse it once but then I noticed that my white shirts turned yellowishafter they dried. My housemate told me that I have to get all the detergent offthe clothes. So I rinsed it thrice or even a fourth when I still see a fewbubbles on the water. Getting stains off is another story so I would really beextra careful not to dirty my clothes too much.
       Myhousemates would often raise their eyebrow every time I would get ready to washmy clothes on Sunday morning. They would tell me to just send it to the nearest laundry shop asthey do. I would just smile and say that I’m saving up money. They didn't knowthat doing the laundry has become therapeutic for me.  It has become my time alone with my thoughts. Ifeel good doing something for myself. I feel so independent and grown up takingcare of myself. Mostly doing the laundry helps me wash away the tides ofhomesickness because I know that every Sunday morning a hundred miles from me, mymother is doing the same thing and most probably thinking of me as I wasthinking of her amidst the grime and the bubbles. In that simple household task, one way or another,despite the distance... I am spending time with her.


  1. Rejection in its context is one scary word. I get to that feeling every so often :) it's okay, i think. we're only humans.
    however, your article came from the heart and is weel written, PDI must have accepted it.
    My daughter and couple of her friends had this article published by PDI last year. subject is about the damage that could've cost if the trees were cut down in SM Baguio.

  2. I understand you sis, being away with our family is hard especially with our mom. I remember the first time I was away with parents.I bring all my dirty clothes every saturday coz I don't know how to wash by hand . Cooking was my biggest problem too, I don't know how to cook before then.

  3. When I was growing up, I ddidn't like cooking so if given a choice by my mother to cook or do the laundry, I always picked the latter.

    You should be proud of the article you wrote and submit it right away! It is very hard to be far fro, your Mom, I am thousands of miles away and it's killing me!

  4. "When I feel lazy sometimes I would use my feet and stomp all over the clothes immersed in the basin. " _ I did this a lot too before washing machines, loved it, a great form of exercise.

    "In that simple household task, one way or another,despite the distance... I am spending time with her." -- I love the way you think of laundry as connecting with your mom, of spending time with her.

    1. yes stomping on the laundry is exercise too hehehe thanks

  5. Youngblood is my fave section of the PDI. Believe me when I say that you have a lot of potential in you. This article could have been picked.

    Anyhow, I am glad I was able to read through your thoughts and you were very articulate in penning them down.

    I can only wish I could be like you. I admire your patience and hardwork doing the laundry. In my case, it's the one thing in the world that that my Mom can not trust me with. I just hate doing it. LOL! When I lived solo, I would bring my laundry to a laundry shop then later on hired the services of a laundry woman on a weekly basis. Life has become a breeze without having to think of my piled up laundry.

    I loved how you assimilate accomplishing your laundry in remembering your Mom. I believe that's how it became a therapeutic experience for you coz of her.

    1. thank you Lainy!:) doing the laundry is tiring but i prefer it over cooking and other chores

  6. My mother jokingly told me once that I was hopeless in doing laundry but she got the surprise of her life when it became my "favorite" domestic task when I had my family. Like you, I find it therapeutic as it allows me to think alone.

    1. yes it really allows us to think and play with bubbles at the same time hehe

  7. This is an interesting article Raine.

    I usually avoid doing the laundry at home but just like you, I learned a lot when I went to college and have to live alone. Doing the laundry is just to tiring for me but if I have no choice, I always take my sweet time before I start washing the first pair of clothes.

  8. i remember doing the exact same thing. tiniil as what we call it when doing laundry. meaning using ones feet by stomping on the laundry. lol

    cheers for sharing this awesome article on your blog instead. :)

  9. I am frustrated novelist and I wrote a romance novel way back 3 years ago. I submitted it to PHR and afer they evaluate my manuscript for weeks, they had their decision and my manuscript was rejected. They said it was good. The grammar, the style, the writing is good. It's just didn't meet their required number of words.

    It got me heartbroken. I wrote it for more than a month (without even having my own love story) and gave me sleepless nights just to finish. After receiving their email, I cried for nights. Crying my heart out! :(

    But, I'm thankful to that. I learned a lot. I just tried again and the second one was finally accepted. Too bad, haven't written in a while. I am not so inspired lately.

    Btw, your article is awesome po!

  10. Hi ate Raine! Wow! Doing your own laundry is therapeutic pala? When I was still in college and had no time to wash my clothes, I always visit laundry shops talaga. I lived in a dorm kasi so walang tumutulong. But now, I also wash my own clothes when I have time. LOL

  11. Sometimes we need time for ourself too and if that entails doing a household chore, then so be it. It's the only time you can think clearly without interruption.

    I never knew any household chores until I was 28. I was not proud of that but it wasn't my fault to be born with nannies who follow us around. It's a different story now as I appreciate hard work better. I let my daughter help me in the chores at home for her to appreciate the beauty of hard work.

  12. Ha..ha..ha.. I have written a poem "Maglaba ay di Biro' describing how I love doing this laundry stuff. If, there will be a contest for 'paglalaba' so sure I'll be one of the finalist. LOL



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