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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Human♥Nature's Bug Shield

I have been always paranoid of getting bitten by Dengue or other disease carrying mosquitoes even before I became a mother.I always make it a point to apply bug repellent when I go on trips outdoors. I used to buy one of the popular brands in the market but learned that it contains DEET. DEET is N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide. It is a slightly yellow oil used as an active ingredient in insect repellents  However there are reported adverse effects of prolonged exposure to DEET such as seizures. It kills brain neurons and affects the central nervous system. Sounds scary huh? I don't want to expose myself, my family esp. my son to that kind of chemical.Good thing that I've discovered a bug repellent that is safe to use for myself and especially for my two year old son that is very effective. I use the Human♥Nature Bug Shield. It uses 100% Natural ingredient which is the Citronella.Citronella oil is a renowned plant based insect repellent because of its strong aroma. I was so impressed with Citronella's repellent powers that we planted several of it in our garden.

There are two variants of the Human♥Nature Bug Shield which are the Oil/ Bug Spray and lotion. I used the Bug spray before but when the Lotion came out of the market I instantly preferred it because it smells better than the oil. Citronella smell is similar to Lemongrass but it is a bit stronger. 
Photo Credits HumanHeartNature website

However Human♥Nature released this May an improved version of their Bug spray and added soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil for added protection and better scent. It also has a new look with a better pump.
Photo Credits HumanHeartNature website

I got the new Bug Shield Oil from the Human♥Nature Davao bloggers event and May Magalogue turnover,a big Thank You by the way! I immediately tried the improved Bug Shield Oil and found that it doesn't smell as strong as the old version. Now I am using both the Bug shield Oil before my son goes out of the house and then carry the Bug Shield Lotion for re-application. Well what can I say,I love both variants! 

I know that I can't protect my son from mosquitoes a 100%. I would have wanted to wrap him in plastic  or put him inside a bubble but of course  I can't. But I am more confident now to let my son play outdoors because I know I provided him with the best insect repellent there is.

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