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Friday, May 31, 2013

Cervical Cancer

May is cervical Cancer Month and I got a chance to attend a talk by Doctor Riyal and former Binibining Pilipinas – Universe Abbygale Arenas-de Leon last Tuesday at the Davao Doctor's Hospital about Cervical Cancer. The talk was part of the WOMEN FIRST & BRAVEHEARTS CARAVAN. Ms. Abbygale is the president of the Bravehearts Philippines, a Non Profit Organization dedicated to raise awareness on cervical cancer prevention through education, screening and vaccination.
Ahmmmwe looked like Hobbits...My Abbygale was soo tall! 
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While listening to the talk I remembered our MBA Professor Ms. Christine Rizardo-Omar.  She was one of my favorite professor because I learned a lot from her and had fun in her classes. She was so hilarious and had so many things to share with us. When I was her student she was already battling Cancer but I really thought she would overcome the disease because despite hair loss and being physically weak, she was bursting with life. Even though she was undergoing therapy she would still come to our classes once she's well enough. After I stopped MBA I learned that she succumbed to Cervical Cancer last December 2009. I've heard about Cervical Cancer before but that was the time I knew of somebody who died because of it.

Cervical Cancer is the second most common female cancer worldwide, with over half a million new cases and 250,000 deaths reported each year. In the Philippines, everyday 12 Filipinas dies of Cervical Cancer. This means a Filipina dies of it every 2 hours. 

Cervical cancer at its early stages does not have any signs or symptoms. It is an uncommon type of cancer that develops in a woman’s cervix. The cervix is the entrance to the womb from the vagina.Therefore, all women are at risk. 

But there's one good thing about Cervical Cancer....IT IS THE FIRST CANCER THAT HAS A VACCINE! Meaning if you get immunized you will be protected from it. When I learned that our company is offering a discounted fee for this vaccine, I did not hesitate and immediately got myself vaccinated last 2011. It is a bit costly though at P2000 per dose and you need three doses but it is such a small price to pay for securing your health. I want to be healthy and live a full life because I have a son and family to look after. That is why I really want to encourage my friends and everybody else who gets to read this to be vaccinated. Ask your OB Gyne about it.


  1. It will for sure help to get a cervical cancer vaccine as it will lead to prevention. I wish though that the vaccine is affordable for every woman. Or that the government will give it to women for free. Health is wealth and we need to take care of ours.

  2. A mother has the responsibility to take better care of herself for the family. I am happy to know that there are efforts being done to create more awareness for the prevention of cervical cancer among women.

  3. Hello there!

    I also know of a friend whose mother died of cervical cancer and I think I have an aunt who died of the same reason. I had my HPV vaccines years ago. It was 3,500 pesos per shot and quite expensive. Ideally, as they said, a woman should have it before her first sex. Ooops! :D

    -Karina V.

  4. Hi, Floraine .... oo nga ang tangkad niya ... our school offers salary deduction scheme to female employees to get vaccines... but I'd rather get into natural prevention than get western doses that I don't know what it contains... anyway, my journal has pages of this theory .... hehhehe activista jud ko ug, we'll talk more on this when I see you... dropping by.

  5. Wow, she is one tall lady isn't she? Lovely ladies!

  6. Thanks for the healthy reminder..It is great news really that there is a vaccine that could protect us from Cervical Cancer and yes every woman should take advantage of your photo, you all look lovely though you are obviously all smaller than the beauty titlist :) as a mom I always fear for my health because I always think of the kids future...may we all stay healthy and strong for our kiddos...God bless :)

  7. So alarming pala ang cervical cancer rates sa atin. A Filipina dies every 2 hours. That's sad. Buti na lang there are forums where awareness of this disease is discussed.

  8. Hi Mami Floraine. :)) I heard about vaccination/immunization to avoid cervical cancer years ago too but it's a bit pricey, so I didn't got myself immunized. But yeah as they say prevention is better than cure so I'm now considering to have my shot anytime soon.

  9. Because of this event, I am motivated to have a vaccine hopefully next month. Twas an awakening seminar, really.

  10. I was lucky to complete the dosage of the cervical cancer vaccine back then. :) i just hope that every woman in the world can avail it. you really did a good choice, health is important. :)

  11. Sorry to hear about your professor.

    I planned to have the shot when it was first released, but didn't have the money for it until i was able to convince my mom... yes i got it for free kasi si mama nagbayad hehe.. so had my first shot last year and had my last just this may. You'll never know really... unpredictable talaga ang sakit.



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