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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zoofari Kids Adventure

Every year my college classmates and I gather together  with our families .  Our previous outing was on a swimming pool so we decided to have it someplace else. We decided to have it at Zoofari Kids Adventure because most of us have never been there and it is a place where both kids and adult can enjoy. It is also very accessible as it is only located at Bacaca Road. 
The gathering was a huge success. The kids loved the huge play area where parents or yayas can enter and watch over the kids. They have a ball pool, trampoline, slides, toys and a whole lot more. The play area is three tiered. The kids can jump, climb, dive and have fun safely with its padded flooring and walls.
My son's favorite! The pool of balls!

Sharing Toy Cars

My son chases the ball while holding a ball and me chasing my son.

Wiggly knees on the trampoline

Every kid would find a toy to play with.

BSIE Batch 2001 with partners and kids. My son doesn't want to go out of the play area.

That was two years ago and we have been back at Zoofari numerous times. My son absolutely LOVES Zoofari! Every time that we want to bribe reward him we would tell him "Be a good boy so we would bring you to Zoofari".

The rates are as follows:

On weekdays:
  • 1 hour : Php 100.00
  • Additonal Php 50.00 for a 30-minute extension
  • Unlimited play: Php 300.00
  • Nanny Pass: Php 20.00 per hour

On weekends:
  • 1 hour : Php 140.00
  • Additonal Php 70.00 for a 30-minute extension
  • Unlimited play: Php 350.00
  • Nanny Pass: Php 20.00 per hour
P.S. Don't forget to bring socks for your kid and guardian


Locations: Bacaca Road, Davao City
Contact No.: (082) 305-2315 / 226-2929
Email Ad:
Facebook: Zoofarikids

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