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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A pregnancy Scare

A couple of weeks ago, well January 30 to be quite exact I had a pregnancy scare. My officemates and I were on our way to Compostela because we have a meeting there. We stopped by Gaisano Mall Tagum for lunch and when I went to the bathroom to pee, I noticed blood on my undies and urine. I didn’t feel any pain or contractions so I didn’t panic but I was really worried. I was still 32 weeks pregnant then. I told my officemates that I won’t go with them to Comval and contacted  some of my officemates who were fortunately at Mawab (30 mins away from Tagum) to accompany me back to Davao.  I waited at Gaisano Mall in Tagum and became really paranoid when I felt abdominal pains. Thankfully my officemates from Mawab came quickly to my rescue and the abdominal pain subsided. ...maybe it was just the nerves...being alone in a place far from home and bleeding.
The driver then brought me directly to Davao Doctors and we arrived at around 2pm. I went directly to my OB and husband and son met me there. She conducted a pap smear and confirmed there was indeed bleeding and cleaned me up. She also requested for an Abdominal and Transvaginal ultrasound. Her initial diagnosis was placenta previa, meaning the placenta is low lying and might be causing the bleeding.
Luckily I was still accommodated by the Ultrasound Section even if it was already past 4pm. I was the last patient and was quite surprised to see a male OB/SOnologist doing the test. He conducted the ultrasound and found my placenta to be in place, the baby to be fine and everything is fine and that my cervix haven’t opened or dilated yet, Thank God! He also showed us the baby’s face and he was very kind to give us a 4D print out even if we only paid for the normal ultrasound. He didn’t check the gender though as my OB specified “NO Gender” in the request but it was enough for me to see the baby’s face who looked like his Kuya Kulay. It was a really scary day but turned out to be quite rewarding at the end.


  1. I'm glad okay ra ka. Hapit na ka due?

    1. Thanks Jul! Sa mar 21 pa pero technically pwede na next week kay 37 weeks naman hehehe



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