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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My 2nd birthing experience

I thought  giving birth to Kulay was the greatest of my life but then I had a repeat performance. Here's what happened.

March 10
10:30 am
I went to my OB for my weekly check up. I am at 38 weeks 3 days. She conducted an IE for the first time and found my cervix still closed. She then told me she would insert three Evening Primrose Oil Capsule to soften my cervix and let me lie down for 20 minutes. She then prepared my admission for labor papers just in case.

7:30 pm
I noticed blood and mucus on my undies and urine when I was peeing at Gmall. I didn't feel any pain or strong contractions so we had dinner at KFC with hubby and son and had our grocery and went home.

10:00 pm 
Still no labor but I decided to go to the hospital for a check up. Car won't start so we waited for a taxi.

11:00 pm 
Arrived at Davao Doctor's, the OB at the Delivery room conducted an IE and found my cervix to be opened at 1-2cm she then inserted more EPrim caps. As per my OBs instruction I was advised for admission since labor might start at an unholy hour. And so I spent the night at the Labor Room while Mike slept at the OB ward. 

March 11
5:00 am 
Still no labor and they conducted another IE and cervix is at 3cm. She also performed a membrane sweep.

10:30 am 
My OB arrived and conducted another IE and cervix is opened at 4-5cm. My OB joked that I should give birth before 4pm because she have classes.

2:30 pm 
My contractions are becoming stronger and is starting to be painful, I told the midwife. The resident OB conducted an IE and cervix is opened at 7cm and it is fully effaced. They then prepped me for delivery and brought me to the Delivery room. We waited for my OB and during the wait, I heard a pop and my water bag broke and then the pain intensified. I feel the urge to push but they told me to wait. I tried to fight the pain by breathing.
My OB arrived and so I started to push...after 3 push...Liwanag came out at 3:07pm..wailing loudly and was placed on my chest.

Thank you Lord for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.


  1. Hi Raine! I'm Heather and I was just wondering if you would be willing to answer my question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  2. wow! You did a great job! I gave birth through CS kasi there was no progress. I stayed at 4cm. :(
    Sadly yes because I really want to give birth through normal delivery but anyway, very happy because I gave birth to a healthy and poging baby boy :)

    1. Congrats also! Many women really wanted a normal delivery pero ir's a case to case basis what's important is safe and healthy ka and si baby :-)



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