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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The greatest performance of my life

December 2, 2010
Michael and I finally bought a crib for the baby at NCCC Mall. I even joked that the baby will come out now because he's excited to use the crib.
December 3,2010
9:30 am- I woke up and went to the bathroom to pee and noticed blood on my underwear and in my urine. I woke up Michael and we called up our OB. The secretary told us to go to the clinic for check up. I did not feel any contractions yet and know that sometimes even if blood appears it's not yet a clear sign of labor but to be on the safe side we hurriedly bathed , skipped breakfast and went to the doctor bringing with us the baby bag we prepared for birthing. On the way to the hospital, I started to feel slight contractions.

10:45 am-We arrived at Davao Doctor's Hospital and proceeded to my OB, Dra. Salvador. She then conducted an IE and told me that my cervix is already opened at 3-4cm. She then released my admission order for labor. I then ate some crackers and water and called up my parents.

11:30 am- I was admitted to the Labor room where I changed to the hospital gown, got interviewed and they gave me enema so I can poo. Michael was left outside the labor room to wait and wait and wait :) After pooing I was made to lie in bed and they monitored the baby's heartbeat and my contractions.

1:00 pm- Another OB conducted an IE and told me that I'm already at 5-6cm. The resident doctors monitored my contractions  which is getting stronger every hour.

5:30 pm- The contractions are almost unbearable and I really feel this huge urge to poo which the Doctors say is a sign that I'm almost there. Dra. Salvador conducted an IE and said that I'm already at 8cm and ready for Delivery. They then brought me to the Delivery room.

6:00pm- The contractions got more painful and I'm really nervous but was assured by the doctors and midwives that things will be okay. They then prepared me, removed my pedicure(Note to self: Do not have a pedi when you're about to deliver) and they broke my water bag. Then they told me to start PUSH-ing! The pattern was like this, inhale exhale, inhale hold breath and push. After the first push nothing happened haha! I mean I was expecting for the baby to immediately come out but I was told to push some more. After a few more pushes we had a 15 minute break, I am getting frustrated because it seems that I don't know how to push. Then we resumed pushing and they told me they can already see the baby's head and after one final push at 6:59 PM Kulay finally entered this world with a loud wail.They then brought Kulay to me for feeding and then the put me to sleep and stitched me.


  1. wow, naluya ko =) congrats again!

  2. Wow, I'm turning green with envy... you experienced contractions and pushing and all. Sadly I never had that experience. Way to Raine!

  3. @Lany:CS ka noh? That's matter how we delivered our babies...we are still supermoms!:D



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