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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love at first sight-not

I was still lying on the delivery table, tired and drained when I first laid my eyes on Kulay. I didn’t feel this indescribable sense of awe and wonder when I saw him. There were no tears of joy. I felt so tired like I’ve never been tired in my life and groggy because the sedatives where beginning to kick in that I just looked at him and thought, Is that my son? Why doesn’t he look  like what I imagined him to be? I had this image in my head when I was still pregnant on how Kulay would look like and the actual Kulay was nothing like it. In actual, he was fair-skinned and looked like an alien with his weird-shaped head that infants usually have. I saw him covered in blood and after the nurse cleaned him up, she brought Kulay to me for breastfeeding and before more thoughts could enter my head, I finally fell into a deep sleep.

My first encounter with Kulay was definitely not love at first sight…because I loved him even before I saw him. I felt the indescribable sense of awe and wonder the moment I learned there was life inside me. That was the same moment the tears of joy fell.


  1. Raine! yup buhi pa gyud kaayo akong blog... nice to read some updates from u as well, from your wedding bloopers to being preggy and giving birth... congrats for the cute and healthy baby! :)


  2. Thank you Carey! I hope ma-maintain na pud nako ning new blog hehehe

  3. 'grats gang! :) nice sa name oi - Kulay

  4. Hi Raine!

    I totally felt the same way when I saw my daughter; reading your entry felt close to home. :)

  5. @Lany: Apir! So good to see you blogging again. Congratz on being a Mom! :)



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