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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Bookworm

I am very passionate about books and I really2x hope my son kulay would share the same passion.I wish that someday I could pass on to him the books I've colllected. I've started reading him books even when he was still in my womb and now that he's 3 months old I've started buying him his own books.I was really excited when I visited Learning is Fun bookstore (Located at Lanang, besides Express Hardware, In Front of Davao Central Warehouse) because they have plenty of books for kids at a very cheap price.I bought him Playful Puppies at P95, an 8 page board book with a toy that squeaks when you squeeze. So far Kulay pays attention when I read to him that's why I'm encouraged to buy him more and make him a mini-library. Apart from my own personal bias on reading, reading to babies is encouraged because it helps in their language and communication skills development. Ideal books for babies are board and cloth books because babies tend to put the books in their mouth. Books with glitters and textures are also attractive to babies.


  1. thanks for sharing.... asa ka dapit naga buy books for kulay??? hehehe...

  2. Welcome mommy rovs :) Learning is fun is located at Lanang,besides Express Hardware, in front of Central Warehouse. medyo layo lang sa inyo hehehe

  3. thanks mommy raine...bisag layo layo sa amoa panukaran ko na'g adto... hehehe... thanks again.. kisses to kulay!



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