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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tiwala ng Ina sa Tempra

Last April while waiting for our son's pedia to arrived, we saw this poster of Tempra's Photo Contest on her clinic lobby. I read it and was interested because all you have to do is take a picture of a mother and child/children with Tempra then post it on their page on Facebook.The contest was already underway and actually on it's last week so when we got home we cooked up a concept and did a photoshoot. We then submitted 4 entries on the Tempra Facebook Page. And Guess What? We won! YEY! There are 4 winners each place, Luzon,NCR,Visayas and Mindanao. We were one of the 4 winners in Mindanao during the Week 4 Contest. This was our first win and our first contest ever that I am motivated now to join any baby contest.
This was our entry 

and here we are posing awkwardly but very happy to receive our prize. We were lucky that the Tempra personnel had a meeting in Davao last May 25 that's why they personally handed over the prize to us. The Tempra people were so friendly that we felt at ease talking with them.

I'm not paid to write this but I'm really a fan of Tempra. Our pedia was the one who recommended it to us but I can remember that ever since I was a child, if  I have a fever my mother would give me Tempra.Thank you so much Tempra not just for the prize or the contest but for giving us parents a product that we can rely on.


  1. this is cute! i also want to join contests for me and my baby. hehe. thanks for dropping by my blog it's good to see blogs of mommies. :)

  2. @Joyce: Uy sayang!You should've join :) was actually looking for fellow mom bloggers that's why I bumped into your blog :)



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