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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kapatagan Trip with Davao Bloggers Part 1

I was idly reading posts on the Davao Bloggers Group when I saw a post from Ria. She was asking for bloggers who are interested in visiting the new resort of Mr. Sonny Dizon at Kapatagan, Digos Davao del Sur. I immediately enlisted and luckily I together with my hubby aka cameraman got chosen for the Batch 1 trip last Saturday, June 25. We met at Jollibee Bajada and departed at around 9:00am.We arrived at around 11:00am. We visited first the Mt.Apo Highland Resort at Lake Mirror which was 26 Km from Digos City Highway. When we got there we were served Altura Coffee which is also a product of the Dizons. The coffee was a perfect boost to start our adventure. I am not a coffee drinker but I really liked the coffee.

The place was called Camp@tagan because it is an ideal site for camping but for those without tents they also have available cozy cottages. There is a huge lake called Lake Mirror.It probably got its name because it looks like two lakes mirroring each other? Brilliant my dear Watson! You can have a serene ride on a boat at the lake and ponder on the beauty of the Water lilies and occasional geese that I thought were swans gliding by. There is also a part of the  lake were you can bathe.
Next we went to another part of the resort called the Hillside which was roughly 15 minutes away from Camp@tagan. But before getting there we passed by Lake Rosario and farmers harvesting Pechay. 

Hillside was elevated at 4000 MASL. The cottages located on the sides of the hill have a full view of the wonderful sceneries.

After a marvelous lunch at the Hillside and another cup of coffee we went to the Tibolo Village.They have this Tibolo house where they do the weaving and there were life size replica of the native houses nearby that you can enter and inspect to your heart's content.

To be continued...


  1. You can also rent out the huts at the Tibolo Village. :)

    Thanks for going with us Raine! :)

  2. oh really? That's nice :) Thanks for letting us become part of the trip. Hopefully there would be a next time hehehe



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