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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Avent Magic Cups

Look what I got from the mail yesterday!

Avent 2pack 9 Oz Magic Cups! I bought these from Ebay at P650(inclusive of shipping fee). It is quite a steal compared to mall prices that's why I prefer buying online because you can really find bargain items that can be delivered right at your door step. I decided to buy this particular item because I wanted to start training my son to drink on a cup. He usually drinks water from his bottle or a dropper and there was a time that i tried having him drink directly on a cup and he choked :( I was deeply alarmed because his lips turned blue for a few minutes so we brought him to our doctor, who assured us that no water got to his lungs but lectured that we should be more careful in making him drink fluids. So I researched the net for the best cup and  decided to buy the Avent magic cup. Another reason why I chose the Avent cups is because his feeding bottles are all Avent and the spouts are interchangeable, see below diagram. I find it really looks like a cool toy that can transform! (Image from the Avent site)

Other features of this cup is it is BPA Free, Non-spill, Easy Sip,Snap on lid and it easy to clean. I will blog soon about why I chose Avent in the first place for my son's feeding bottles.

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