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Friday, August 12, 2011

Pia Mallows

Guys, I have found the perfect souvenir for tourist and Davaoenoes alike for Kadayawan! Presenting,  Belgian Chocolate filled with creamy Durian filling by Kai Chocolatier, a Pia Mallows Company. Take a bite and a piece of Davao with you with this handmade gourmet chocolate.  I had a chance to try this product last Saturday and it is not just good to eat but also to look at because each piece is artfully designed. Each piece of this mouth watering creation cost P40 and is sold separately or at P160 for a box of four.This product will be available starting this month.

The main company which is Pia Mallows is owned by Karla Mae Caguiat or Kai who is a Chocolatier. She is one of the few if not the only one in Davao who mastered the art of processing chocolates. Her products are made of the finest ingredients mostly brought abroad. Their signature product are the Pia Mallows which is gourmet marshmallow coated with Belgian Chocolate and topped with nuts, chocolate drizzle or chocolate candy.  

Like and know more about Pia Mallows at their Facebook Page.

For orders you may contact Kai at :
+63 922 837 2667 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +63 922 837 2667      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

 300 1PIA/ 300 1742


Here's a picture of Me and my son Kulay, Kai and her daughter Pia(the inspiration behind Pia Mallows)

I've known Kai since we were kids but I never respected and appreciated her more after she explained the tedious process of making her products and she's pregnant to boot.I truly salute you supermom! :D 


  1. How's the level of sweetness Raine? My relatives from Zambo are arriving next week. I could suggest this to them instead of the usual durian yema etc. Para maiba naman! :)

  2. perfect for the kadayawan pasalubong! :)

    thanks for dropping by my blogs. it was nice meeting you... and thank you so much for passing the box of belgian chocolates. hiyanghiya pa ko non kasi sobrang late :D haha.

  3. @Lany: Not too sweet I guarantee! Sige recommend :)

    @Tessa:thanks for dropping by here too...i was having second thoughts kung ipapasa ko pa sayo hahaha but I know may extra pa kaya pinasa ko na lang :D



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