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Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Birthday Parties

Yesterday, Kulay, Mike and I attended the celebration of Adi's first birthday. She's the daughter of our good friends Mina and Eugene. The celebration was at Pinutos Republic at Torres St. I was a little dismayed because there was no theme. I'm always excited to conceptualize costume for my son hehehe Despite the no-theme,we had a blast and Kulay had fun with the bubbles and the stuffed toy I won.  If I remember correctly,this is our 7th birthday party this year. Having a kid is like having passes to all children's party and we really enjoy it. Kulay will be turning one soon and I am starting to organize in my head his party. I wanted it to be fun and memorable for our son. First birthdays are important celebration for any parents because it marks a milestone in a child's life. It is a celebration and Thanksgiving for the miracle of life.
Here are a couple of pictures of our birthday party escapades :D
Adi's Bday.Kulay looking grumpy with the bubbles because he's so sleepy.
Matt's Bday,Safari Theme. Kulay as Jungle Boy

Pavlos Bday, Marvel Superheroes: Kulay as Flash


  1. Kulay is sooo adorable Raine! I'll try to have a theme for Leia's next birthday so as not to disappoint the mother in you. hahaha :) lotsa love!

  2. @Lany: Lagi gi-career naman gud nako na maging best in costume si Kulay hehehe

  3. yay...super cute si Kulay sa mga costumes nya... Bella will be celebrating her 1st birthday soon and I can't think of any theme pa... any suggestion tita raine? hehehe

  4. @Rovie: thanks :)tinkerbell,princess,or unsa favorite character or color ni belle mas daghan themes for girls ba hehehe



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