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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kids grow up so fast

I've heard, read and said this phrase a hundred times and I'm gonna say it now which makes this the hundredth and one ..."Kids grow up so fast"! Boy they really do! It seems like yesterday when Kulay was still a bump in my belly and I was shopping for newborn clothes but now I'm cleaning up his closet and tucking away clothes he outgrew. He is now 10 months and 3 weeks...only a few weeks shy of his first birthday. It seems that he only wore some of of  his clothes a couple of times. We've been lucky  because Kulay got lots of donations from my relatives and friends that we only get to buy a few clothings. It's really wise to not over indulge in shopping for infant clothes because they will be easily outgrown. I am filled with nostalgia right now as I fold (and smell) his clothes one by one...*sigh* my baby is growing up so fast. Well no matter how old he'll be..he'll always be my precious little baby*more sighs*


  1. i love this pic, as in choy kaayo!

  2. So motherly Raine... I can super relate... Dali ra jud mang dagko oi. Maayo gani halos donation pud ang mga baby clothes ni Bella halos gikan kay Karen ug Kata... Hahaha... Tagapagmana lang...

  3. @julienne: ako pud ganahan hehehe Thanks!
    @Rovie: swerte ta kay mga beneficiary sa donations hehehe



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